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Ashton ESG 22 Year Salute Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Ashton ESG 22 Year Salute Cigar Review This 6×52 torpedo features a premium blend of tobacco and is a limited release. This has been aging in my humidor for …

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  1. I had a horrible time with the burn line on this one. I had to touch it up
    several times. It wasn’t until about the halfway point that it started
    burning even, and there was really no breeze to speak of. 

  2. Bryan have you ever tried Quorum cigars?

  3. How does this compare to the Ashton aged Maduro?

  4. I have had them fresh and nothing comes to mind as far as a difference. In
    general aging at home even for years will take away some harshness if any
    was present, that’s about it. All major flavor shifts occur during
    fermentation only, pre-rolling. These use premium long aged tobacco from
    the factory, like Padrons, they are always smooth 🙂

  5. Bryan, how do you feel flavors or anything in your chest? Im an avid smoker
    and have never felt anything in my chest, stomach w/ strength maybe but not
    my chest, lol

  6. I’ve got 2 of these fuckers and an ashton churchill that have been aging in
    my humidor for almost 8 months. I can’t wait to break those dirty bastards
    out in 2 months on my birthday

  7. Name all time favorite cigar GO!

  8. In the biz for about 5 years now managing a lounge/store and Xikar lighters
    are totally overrated. They constantly break down and really don’t hold up
    over time. What is the gauge on that cigar? Looks like a 58 or thereabouts.
    How does it rate in comparison to the VSG? Another very nice Ashton.

  9. Agreed! I’m excited to try this one! I loved the Ashton VSGs and I’ve heard
    nothing but great things about these ESGs. Thanks again!

  10. Did you happen to try a few less aged ones? This is a good review, but not
    the most accurate for anyone looking to buy one and smoke it in short
    order. If so, how does the aged one compare to something less aged.

  11. Good to know. Thanks. That’s what I meant, more or less (as far as any
    present harshness). I remember having one years ago. Definitely not a
    normal for me being a pretty expensive smoke. Bummer that it burned a
    little fast though!

  12. i see, i will def be picking some of these up tommrrow because of ur
    review… thanks as always for ur great reviews

  13. Hey. I know it is not really polite to ask about money or anything, but how
    much do you spend on these cigars per year? How do you afford it?!

  14. The same way you feel a drink’s flavors and effects if you do a shot – that
    kind of deep feeling – it might not really be down there but it feels like
    it 🙂

  15. Glad to hear it – thanks for watching!

  16. You’re right, it’s no polite. I’m a business owner.

  17. I see it’s a 52, looks bigger in the video.

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