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Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Jimmy to Cigar School

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Arnold gives Jimmy a hard time about getting stuck on the beach and Jimmy recalls smoking cigars with Arnold, who has some pointers for Jimmy. Subscribe NOW …


  1. look up “arnold schwarzenneger nazi” on google

  2. I am curious as to what cigar Arnold recommended for Jimmy…

  3. I love Arnold. Jimmy fucking sucks asshole. Stop voting him up you hipsters
    and women. You’re killing us. 

  4. Fuck the hummer……………drive an Audi or a Lexus or a
    Beamer……….then you’re actually rolling in style. Hummers are one of
    the easiest SUV like vehicles to flip over, especially in the winter.

  5. Canyonero!

  6. LMAO!

  7. 4 000 001st person to subscribe.

  8. Bro Lexus makes some really sick off-road SUVs.

  9. I love Arnold but Hammer is douchebag’s car.

  10. One of the greatest men to walk this earth !

  11. I like how Arnold proceeds to emasculate Jimmy on his car choice.

    We need more menly men like Arnold in this world. Less girly men.

  12. Range rover is one of the best off roaders out there :/

  13. This show is brought to you by the choppa!

  14. Arnold is so manly that he doesn’t realize his advice for smoking cigars
    sounds very gay.

  15. Or you can always get to the choppa!

  16. smoking is bad

  17. Yeah they were totally talking about pot at the very end.

  18. If he didn`t have the fortune of having the best guests all the time JF
    would choke so bad, his show would be cancelled before it went on air.

  19. Easy to tell real man from wussy, hummer vs some red english rover!!

  20. Who knew Arnold was so fucking funny 

  21. That range rover should have been able to get up outta there.

  22. I have always liked Jimmy Fallon.

    Kudos to Arnold :D

  23. I hate to be negative, but this show would be perfect without Jimmy’s fake
    laughs, just laugh whenever you really want to laugh. other than that he is
    a great host.

  24. Arnolds idea of a manly car is the car from The Flinstones.

  25. emotions are running over about talking crap – that’s the main feature of
    such shows…

  26. I never noticed how think arnies accent was

  27. U gatta go whith da hamma to de beach!

  28. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s a hero! :D

  29. Kimmel is funnier 


  31. Arnie is a fukin american hero.

  32. I love how Jimmy’s guests are 3 feet below him in that sunken chair. It
    doesn’t make him any better or funny. Sorry. Arnold is 6’2″.

  33. I think I felt a lot of weird competitive tension from trying to out each
    other from their stories. Maybe I’m wrong.

  34. haah arnold soo funny

  35. i love arnold. hes too funny

  36. fuck the hummer give me a ford f650

  37. “This red car…the color already is dangerous”. Arnie is genuinely funny.

  38. Oops, typo. ——> ”(Francisco)”

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