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Arnold Schwarzenegger Smokes Cigars Friday Afternoon

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Smokes Cigars Friday Afternoon Caffe Roma Beverly Hills 5-22-09 Follow us on TWITTER at

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  1. If I was famous, I mean, when I’m famous…haha I am going to buy house in
    the middle of the freaking desert because this was kind of creepy…

  2. Its easy for him to get slated so much when hes filmed relaxing with a
    cigar and driving around in what looks like a chevy comero. He looks like
    more celebrity (which he is) than peoples politician.

  3. You people are pricks. Probably ruined his whole day.

  4. Id ignore them too if they were stalking me with a camera and asking stupid
    ass questions like “How many miles per gallon does your car get?” or “How
    about the new Terminator movie?”. Complete waste of time.

  5. Get you ass to mayurz!!!! Bennnnnny!

  6. he should get thm arested for stalking 🙂 personaly i think people are
    wrong to follow celebrities around they are people too they just want a
    peaceful day :/

  7. Nice car, nice smoke.

  8. juiced up jack ass! Burns the Best Blunts I’m Sure!! Recall the Bozo! He
    has done NOTHING FOR our great state!!

  9. I guess I can see your point, I would not want someone always having a cam
    at me all the time and asking stupid questions also. I can see where that
    can be a bit annoying at times. If it was me I would just like to tell him
    he is a great actor and if possible to maybe just sit and have lunch with
    the guy, just to know the man a bit more. He does seem like a nice guy and
    he is doing an excellent job there in california.

  10. dude your a fucking creeper

  11. wow, what a waste of everyone’s time…. let the guy enjoy his stoagie and
    quit being a douche sack

  12. Arnold’s also a politician. He can’t just randomly say things without the
    papers twisting it around.

  13. hahahaha

  14. Enjoying life.

  15. fucking stupid ppl

  16. Geothermal POWER that’s where the real smokes at

  17. must get a bit annyoing tho… having ppl follow u wherver u go, at first
    when u think bout it, it sounds really cool being famous but after… over
    20 yrs i bet it gets dam annoying lol.

  18. He wasn’t being rude. He was just ignoring a couple of jackasses asking
    stupid questions.

  19. He doesn’t look very happy. I understand are so many people interview him
    is tired off but when u chose to be a movie star u chose also the people.
    Maybe the fame was only for a time. I try to understand his life. Sad hmm?
    See u can have all the money and fame in the world if u have no joy it’s
    all for nothing. Where do you find peace and happiness? Catalin- Romania

  20. But he doesn’t get a paid for being governor so what difference does it
    make? The money he spends is what he earned from his body building and
    acting career.

  21. Arnie should have taken that camera and shoved it so far up that
    paparazzi’s arse that we could get a close up of his tonsils

  22. Its our Governer!!!

  23. whats the point of these videos?? theyre normal ppl jeez. get a fucking
    life fucking stalkers! why am i even watching this??

  24. lol cool last name!!!!

  25. Laughingperson5 do you spend your own money for the government. No. Shut up
    and get a life

  26. the tipical arrogant person!

  27. he can pay like 25-50 dollars for a cigar…..what about california’s
    budget crisis? he shouldn’t be wasting money on petty things…

  28. no seatbelt ?

  29. I hate the paparazzis Love Arnie! Everyone should ignore them assholes.

  30. This is one shit video!!

  31. YOu got that right, its his money, and He can do what he wants with it.
    Just like me and you, how would you like it if someone said that to us,
    tell us how to spend our hard earned money. Am I right or wrong, need a
    vote on this. Anyway thanks and your so 100% right about him using his own

  32. Fucking Parasite had a hard on whilst filming this…..Fucking scumbag

  33. Poor Arnold…

  34. A great actor, but why does he have to ignore his fans. I just thought that
    was not right. But I guess if people keep bugging you all day like that It
    can get a bit anoyying. But he should still say at least something, I mean
    stallone talks to people, why can’t arnold do that. Is he a nice guy or is
    it just the cameras all the time. Just wanted to know, I like the guy he is
    a great actor, and looks to be a great governer too. I live in texas, and
    wish I could live in Beverly hills CA.

  35. Hollywood tv is stupid. Period.

  36. Hey i want one like this with sylvester stallon or stone cold steve astin

  37. the anrold does not like cigs, anrold likes big cigars

  38. mr cool lol

  39. One of these days I hope Arnold’s security beats the shit out of the
    paparazzi. They don’t deserve the privilege of being beat up by the big man

  40. @moldcatalin Just because he was an actor doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a
    right to privacy.

  41. he is the governor – probably has 101 issues on his mind.

  42. “I was driving by and I saw a car that looks like the governor’s car..”
    Translation: I have been stalking Arnie for 30 days and 30 nights.

  43. That must be so fucking annoying, you little paparazzi pussy fags all need
    to get beat the shit out of and followed by a bunch of creepy guys with
    cameras for the rest of your life. See how good you feel about it. Ass holes

  44. What a prima donna!!!…He acts like he owns COLLIFOORNIA…For someone who
    is governor, Arnold always looks as if he’s on vacation or having a day
    off…He just doesn’t look like he’s a busy man, unless you call smoking
    cigars with your pals hard work.

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