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Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends Cigar Smoking

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Arnold Schwarzenegger single-handedly made cigar smoking cool back in the 80s and 90s. Heck, he even made me wanna try cigars. And I did for a long time. Especially after watching Predator from 1987.


  1. Anyone else wanted to smoke cigars after watching Predator?

  2. I don't like smoking but a cigar look pretty cool. jack slater is nothing without his stogie lol

  3. My boy friends smokings cigarrete but now he wish not more smoking

  4. Go aheaddd…Make my day…asta la vesta

  5. He defends cigars but killed a crip who changed his life even wrote kids books but he still killed him there’s your proof hear his laugh in the end no remorse and you government gave this man that power mr steroids wow lol

  6. I've been smoking since approx 75, and don't even have a cough or any other respiratory issues !! I smoke about 1 pack every 2 day's, but during my drinking day's may have gone through 3 pack's in a night πŸ˜‚ Sure, there were times I'd light 1 and then see I already had 1 in ashtray from before my last dance !! I'll quit when "I" want, and did so once for 6 months to prove a point πŸ˜‰ SO I'm with Arnold on this one πŸ€” Never thought that'd happen !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. beerdy i was upset at you for a while cause i know you got my email about arnold and bruce lee but chose to ignore it. you can help out a guy that's actually trying to BECOME something like them himself because they made such an impact on his life; unlike most ppl that just like to "Talk about them" only and that's it. that's ok if you don't want to help me. but i'm curious to know what you think of Matthew Polly's new book on Bruce Lee which is getting a lot of attention now.

  8. That was hilarious! … Vintage Arnold!

  9. No one fucks with arnies stogie

  10. Damn it. I hope he doesn't reveal my "hide out place".

  11. What’s his go to cigar ?

  12. Next up, Monica Lewinsky to also defend cigar smoking.

  13. Why do they call the movie "Commando" anyway?
    He clearly has on a black speedo.

  14. He is just doing some Good live Comedy!!!πŸ˜… He is a funny man

  15. Fantastic πŸ‘

  16. Teach me the art of being a real man Master Jedi Schwarzenegger.

  17. Young people today dont need that, your showing your age now πŸ‘ˆ no need to have a cigar to act the big man πŸ‘ˆ Arnold your a Dick head promoting Health & Physical fittness all your life & Now Cigar smokeing Shit πŸ‘ˆ Take the cancer stick out your mouth & stamp it out on the Ground πŸ‘ˆ you had a Tripple heart bypass operation πŸ‘ˆyour just a phoney arnt youπŸ‘ˆ

  18. That was soooo not my next question.
    I'd ask if he ever put any smoke into that smoke.

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