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Arganese Maduro Toro Cigar Review

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Arganese Maduro Toro Cigar Review This 6×50 stick offers a very dark brown first slightly toothy wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, a double cap and da…

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  2. I totally disagree with this review. I’ve smoked them. I never had any
    “dye” running out of them. They weren’t bitter at all. They weren’t soft
    and spongy. They didn’t burn hot. They were damp when I received them from
    CI. I let them dry out and they were a nice maduro cigar. Brian, where did
    you get the information that they’re dyed? With tobacco juice, or what?

  3. ciao visto che sei un araganese io ti scrivo da bucciano ( bn) italy mi
    offriresti un sicaro ciao

  4. First thing I thought was that wrapper looks suspect. Great review Byran.

  5. yeah, why would they dye them? seems odd.

  6. The Arganese Maduro is a GREAT everyday cigar. No dye either. But hey,
    thanks for keeping the prices down.

  7. WHY do they put dye in maduros???? That is SO stupid. Sorry, it just winds
    me up! lol.

  8. It’s a common myth among inexperienced smokers that the darker the cigar
    the stronger/more expensive/better it is. In reality it has nothing to do
    with anything. Some manufacturers capitalize on these misconceptions and
    dye the cigars. When you see an almost black wrapper it’s almost certain to
    be dyed, although some are a much better job than others. Most do not bleed
    so easily.

  9. very nice review, you just saved me $40.00 thanks

  10. what is the dye they use?

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