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Arc Cigarette Lighter Review

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Here is a great gizmo I am sure you will love as much as I do. An arc cigarette lighter!

This is my first electronic lighter, I have some traditional style gas lighters but I have not had one of these before.

One thing I have noticed is that mine does not like the cold! It will not work properly until warm! I would like to know if this is normal for this type of lighter or is mine faulty? Please let me know in the comments please.

I have found out that it is possible to get an electric shock (NOT recommended!!) from this lighter if you get you finger too close to the emitters when it is running so beware!!

I purchased mine from Fasttech and you can check it out from my link below.


Product page

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  1. came across these after seeing them dirt cheap on ebay, ordered 4, very cheap price like I think I got 4 for under $10 shipped..hafta see the quality though, got 2 similar styles then 2 different. Looks very similar to yours with the finish/metal and the gift box it comes in.

  2. Great looking lighter I wonder if it would be prone to emp being electronic. I like the idea of how effective it lights.

  3. Nice lighter! I don’t smoke, but it could be handy for a fire or emergency or survival. Maybe it’s finicky if it’s not fully charged or something? I have no idea 🤪

  4. That is really, really cool! I've never seen this type of lighter before.

  5. you've never smoked good man. you can now keep collecting for a long time.

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