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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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AngLink Electric Arc Lighter REVIEW & DEMO

Posted by in Lighter Review

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  1. Cheap. I always wondered if they would light a regular fuse thanks

  2. Thanks for mentioning my page your rock brother and great demo I might want check it for the fun of it

  3. shut up and take my money….And bought! Thanks Cody. I've been looking around at the arc lighters and you just sold me on this one!

  4. That’s a cool lighter I might have to get one

  5. Thats awesome my man! I think I'm gonna get me one

  6. Hint: you can use a standard usb ( android)phone charging cable to charge if you dont want to use the shorter length included cable…..

  7. I like the long length and flexibility, the one i bought a long time ago is morw like a zippo lighter in shape and size but after months of use, still works, just dont drop them in a puddle lol also, with average use, expect a week + before recharecharging

  8. I might just buy this!

  9. I wouldn't use for show I would use propane torch lol

  10. I can attest to this thing it's awesome! No worry with the wind and the length of it makes it nice to get away from the fuse a bit.

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