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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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ALL ABOUT CIGARS! (Dennis Prager Uncut) | Louder With Crowder

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Steven Crowder sits down with Dennis Prager to exclusively discuss cigars! Kick back and light up yourself as Prager and Crowder discuss their favorite brands, how they got into it, why they smoke, and the surprising health benefits of cigars.

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  1. Dennis Prager stops by to discuss all things cigars! Let us know your thoughts on our conversation below!

  2. Smoke DMT next my dude.

  3. Even when you think you're not inhaling, your inhaling, every person that has ever smoked anything secretly knows its true, even if they won't admit it.

  4. He says theres been a war on cigars but not marijuana. Buddy those colors don't run.

  5. I say loud and clear that Cuban cigars are just overhyped nonsense and Nicaragua is the King of cigar making.

  6. This is my favorite episode EVER…. and a v-cut is the way to go

  7. This guy is kinda dump he didn’t Evan know what a retroHale is why would you Evan smoke a cigar and not retroHale and his views on weed are stupid he dosent see what good it would do to make it legal how about the fact that the only reason it became illegal is because someone claimed it made Mexican immigrants violent with no evidence to support it and than later on during studies found nothing wrong with it but Nixon kept it illegal so he could disrupt minority community’s plus we can tax weed and build schools and roads better trained law enforcement going after actuall crimes instead of waisting they're time and not sending innocent nonviolent people to jail just because they want to smoke a little weed and it dosent Evan mess with your brain I know people that smoke weed that are successfull business owners that make more money than allot of non weed smokers both cigars and weed should be legal and left alone by the government people should be alowed to choose what they want just aslong as it dosent hurt other people

  8. That is true. I visit a cigar bar near me and all the smokers are super friendly and chill

  9. "anything that tampers with the brain i am really opposed to" what about alcohol

  10. It is NOT the nicotine or really even the tobacco it is the type of tobacco grown and the process put into cigarettes. My grandfather smoked a pipe and cigars for much of his life and died at 96 and never got cancer and did not die of anything tobacco related.

  11. One aspect of Trump's agenda I'm not fond of is his administration's restrictions on Cuban imports (including cigars). This was something Obama was handeling surprisingly well.

  12. I always inhale , why is it such a big deal ?

  13. Why is it sick to not hate on weed? I think all cigars and weed should be politically correct and I smoke neither.

  14. This was a very funny AND interesting video 😅 REALLY enjoyed it! ✊😆🍺🎩

  15. I enjoyed this, this was a very nice conversation.

  16. Why was there a war on either

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