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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Alec Bradley MAXX Brazil Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Alec Bradley MAXX Brazil Robusto Cigar Review This 5×50 stick features a dark chocolate, oily and mottled wrapper with medium veins, raised seams, a few roug…

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  1. The Maxx Brazil in Toro is one of my reg morning sticks. The toro has a
    larger ring gauge and IMO better than the robusto

  2. I wondered how these MAXX sticks were but after my experience with the
    black market I was put off Alec Bradley. The Prensado was great but other
    than that I’ve stayed away from AB. And I’m kind of glad I did.

  3. Ha ha my thoughts .-)

  4. Love your videos bro!

  5. mmmmm…gotta love that vacuum cleaner bag smell

  6. Yes, that is the norm with many cigars, they are often blended to change in
    halves or thirds.

  7. Def would not buy this.

  8. Merry Christmas buddy! Keep up the great work!

  9. Thank you for the reply. Do you run into this from time to time with other
    cigars where certain parts are dramatically different throughout the cigar.
    Also I will keep that in mind for favorable reviews to know that you have
    given them that opportunity to bloom before you smoked them. Great review.

  10. I have been trying to get more informed on cigars and pipe tobacco before I
    turn 18. I have really understood pipe tobacco but cigars seem like they
    are so many out there and they are also hard to just get one to try. I like
    cigars now and I really hope I will be able to afford to try some when I
    turn 18.

  11. These remind me of the Greycliff g2 turbo. Except that ashtray taste was
    the taste of the whole stick lol. Ick!!!

  12. Ok so I had this stick in toro recently and it was really good. Maybe you
    got a bum stick Bryan because I didn’t experience any if the off flavors or
    ashtray taste you did. It was good start to finish and in toro, lasted just
    over an hour and a half. I’d recommend you try this one again sometime. I
    don’t think you got an accurate representation of this stick.

  13. Been smoking cigars and a pipe less than a year but alec bradley is
    probably the best cigar ive had that I’m willing to buy.

  14. Merry Christmas and thanks for all the tips!

  15. 2:49-2:53 That’s what she said.

  16. There are some decent cheap ones out there. I’m only 20 so I’m not exactly
    a cigar expert but I have figured out that price doesn’t usually indicate
    quality. I’ve heard good things about the Empresario Churchill Maduro.
    Probably from bryan. haha. They’re only a little over 2 bucks. Thinking
    about ordering some soon.

  17. a vacuum cleaner bag?! bbahahahaha

  18. #1, it doesn’t work like that, changes don’t happen from the ends. #2 I
    keep everything in my humidors for quite some time before reviewing to make
    sure it’s not an issue.

  19. I’m wondering if the shipping and care for this cigar before he got it had
    anything to do with it. Because it seems like the ends aged and acclimated
    well but the center dried out

  20. Often different sizes have different blends. You can not compare Robusto
    and Toro directly. Maybe the Toro is better, I don’t know – never had it.
    Until you have the Robusto, you don’t know how it compares to my review

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