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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto Cigar Review This 5.25×52 cigar features a dark brown spongy wrapper with slight tooth, minimal veins, tight almost invisib…

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  1. Hi Bryan,
    I’m following you from Northern-Italy,today I’ve just bought an Alec
    Bradley Black Market Robusto:this is going to be my first extra-cuban
    cigar.I can’t wait for it,i love your vids keep on it!

  2. On my 2nd box now. Agree with you Bryan on the flavour profile.
    I get mine at For $107
    with postage. Great deal as I’m based in the UK.
    Like your site. Your a busy guy.

  3. PLEASE review the Alec Bradley VISE PRESS,THANK U.

  4. This is one of my favorite sticks lately. Thanks for the review!

  5. “like stacked biscuits” – Jesus you even know how to make ash sound

  6. Not to be rude but you have 420 videos LOL (I don’t smoke weed I just think
    it’s funny) Evan/BOTS

  7. what does tunnelling men?

  8. buttermilk biscuits lol…

  9. @silviob155 Various things can cause it in general. Little blips like this
    was, probably just a small inconsistency in the roll, it was only a 1/4″
    down or so – just a gap. When they go very deep and continue to do it all
    the way down it’s usually that it’s been stored at too high an RH. I had a
    few problems when I tried storing closer to 70%, I stay in the low 60’s for
    best results where I live.

  10. being that i work at a golf course im constantly finding cigars in all the
    golf carts, just found one of these today cant wait to try it out

  11. Great review, just one thing – at 2:29 you say “Definitely not a razor
    sharp burn” then in the conclusion you say “razor sharp burn all the way
    down” I attribute this to the affect of a good cigar. I often times find
    the world to be a better place after a nice cigar.:)

  12. Sir, do you have any videos where you touch on the subject of the
    conception of Cuban cigars? I once heard you talk about pre-embargo Cubans;
    WTF?! How old would that be then lol? I should do a google search haha. Do
    you know anything about the aging of cigars? I’ve read a good amount, but
    I’d like to hear what you know about it. So far, I like Alec Bradley much
    more than Patel’s so far, is that how you generally feel? Cheers man, great
    review, I love everything you do, the cooking too 🙂

  13. Orbisman – Nat Sherman makes cigars also.

  14. I have only had one of these but I loved it I can’t wait to smoke the
    torpedo version i picked up today.

  15. @orbisman they offer fine cigars bro:

  16. I look up cigar reviews in hopes that you’ve done a review. Thanks, and
    keep up the awesome reviews.

  17. “Enjoying ” one now. Thanks for the review!

  18. Hi, having a black market punk right now. ( 4 1/4 x 42 ) small smoke but
    full of flavor, awesome burn, great taste. You should check it out.

  19. Great review Bryan, I just picked up a couple of these today at my local
    B&M…will let them sit for a bit and get one a try.

  20. Got mine at CigarFest2012. I like it, would buy these as when I see them or
    as 5 pack as I don’t buy box quantities. Snug draw but not painful. Nice
    construction, thing of beauty.

  21. I just finished one of these sticks on a nice long walk. loved the cigar!
    nice even burn went well with a nice dark coffee and some sunshine on the
    walk across Vancouver. It was my first go at one of these as I had bought a
    few when they first came out and let them rest in my humidor for a few
    months. I have to say I do not know how long the other two will last!

  22. @iTURB01 I’m sure he’s not into cigarettes. :-p

  23. @cigarobsession any plans on a Nat Sherman review?I would skip on the low
    end suaves though 🙂

  24. Alec Bradleys are great beginner cigars. Very well made.This one looks

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