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Alec Bradley American Sun Grown cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Alex Bradley American sungrown cigar review

Insta @SmokinOnewithTatum



  1. Who you think is better. Tatum or Cigar Vixen 😍

  2. Try reviewing this cigar Tatum Davidoff Nicaragua Toro thanks

  3. Enjoyed this smoke as well thanks Tatum keep up your video's good job

  4. Audio still kinda cutting in an out on some of your words.

  5. glad you finally fixed the low sound

  6. Again! I say it’s getting time for a LIVE Smokin One with Tatum event somewhere. They just got these in here in Vegas. I’ll give it a shot and see what I think

  7. That’s funny.. You seem to be trying a lot of the same things as me lately. I just tried this about two weeks ago myself. I must say, your assessment of the flavors was very similar to what I tasted. I wouldn’t have been able to describe them as well as you did however. Nice work! 👌

  8. Those AB wonky burn lines strike again! 😲 I like this stick so I put up with minor burn issues. This is actually my favorite Sungrown cigar which surprises a lot of my cigar brothers & sisters. It's one of my secret cigar shames! 🙈😆👍

  9. Good review, thanks for being honest. I have had the Alec Bradly Black Market and enjoyed it, Its a pretty reasonably priced cigar and well reviewed. I would be interested on your thoughts. Cheers.

  10. Would like to hear your thoughts on the Alec Bradly Post Embargo. The one I tried was very unique. Keep up the great vids.

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