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AJ Fernandez Hoyo Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. I love strong cigars both in flavor and body. This was one of the worst cigars I ever tried. This stick is a pepper bomb and that's about all there is. I quit halfway through as it was unsmokable. It had zero complexity and no flavor except pepper and what tasted like cigarette smoke. In fact, that has been my experience with every single AJ Fernandez cigar I have ever tried. You won't find any AJ Fernandez cigars in my humidor going forward.

  2. Great reviews keep em coming. Thanks and Thumb's up buddy!~John

  3. You are the go to channel for the best sticks and best reviews!…keep on teaching us!

  4. So I have a question. Where can I get a Cuban Cohiba?

  5. I'm always looking for the spicey pre-light they seem to finish the best for me, thanx again!

  6. you are awesome y did I not subscribe sooner?

  7. Have you tried the aj pelo de oro aging room? Would love to see a review. Thanks for all the great reviews.

  8. the Hoyo is a decent smoke, I like it well enough. I am smoking Saka's new Todo's las Dios, its ok, not blowing my skirt up, but its ok, hoping its better next year. I'll let them sleep till march and try it again. Good review D thanks.

  9. Good grief. Your hair looks amazing today. Spot on

  10. Thank you for reviewing a more affordable, and easier to acquire cigar.

  11. Love ur reviews. Love the channel. Had this cigar. Loved it. When is the meet n smoke in LA? You gonna come for a dodgers game ?

  12. you look so nice with the hair to one side like that

  13. Cheers Delicia, always great reviews….

  14. Oh
    The first cigar I remember that time when I smoked it was great but then I discovered it was not strong
    I know you love the strong cigar😀

  15. I haven't been disappointed with AJ Fernandez cigar blends. My go to is New World but Enclave been so good too. Great reviews as always Delicia!

  16. Hola Delicia! Thanks for another great review: a thorough descriptive review, awhile including the subtle parallels and differences, leaving us excited to try this and its predecessor real soon.

    Thanks for the mutual love and airtime at that beginning of the video; but once more, a genuine thank you to [you] and your team for the great content y'all put out…its very much appreciated. Hope all is well and as always, all the best. Cheers! 😊🥃 …oh and love the "keep puffing away" comment too. 😬

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