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AJ F Last Call Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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AJ Fernandez Cigar Company new release of Last Call cigar.

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  1. Have one resting in the humi right now. I will definitely come back and let you know my thoughts. Thanks for sharing your's, cheers!

  2. Wixen is german for jerk off LOL

  3. love your review. this will be on my try list. Question…how long did it take for you to smoke the " last call " . I seem to be interested in smaller sizes these days cause it still takes me a good 40 minutes on something like that. I don't feel like I'm going slow, but my 6" x 50' s take me like 90 minutes it seems like or longer. But I love the experiences. thanks in advance!

  4. Hallo schöne Frau ,
    das Video ist wie alle deine Videos sehr schön . Ich Rauche auch sehr gerne immer zum Abend hin eine gute Zigarre . Manchmal auch eine Tabakpfeife .Wen ich mal im Urlaub zu meiner Familie in Italien fahre Rauche ich immer gerne am Strand eine gute Zigarre . Schade das ich nicht so gut English verstehe . Nun ja dan muss ich es halt versuchen zu lernen 🙂 .

  5. My new favorite is Macanudo in Maduro.

  6. great review as always, thank you. they make a real handy little tool called "the Cigar clip" (no more burned fingers since I found them). ( I will not leave home without one in my pocket ). this Cigar is now on my wish list. Ole' A. J, makes some mighty fine Cigars. talkin' about mighty fine Cigars, I think I am going go burn one. Thanks again

  7. I have been waiting for this review and as per usual another great review. AJ has a combination of flawless construction and the ability to bring flavour, works every time! I love your reviews and wish there was more.

  8. Definitely one I want to try! True that not many Rothchild hit the market and to be honest, for me it's one of my favourite size. Mainly because I don't often have long enough free time ahead of me during my day to enjoy a cigar. Thumbs up for your review.

  9. nice review, keep em coming

  10. Great review!!! One of my favorite sticks!!!

  11. Very informative review thanks!

  12. Would they be in the stores yet?

  13. I like the size, quick fix kind of thing. You know what I've just started doing, the last few cigars I've had, I smoke it till it's hot, then I poke a toothpick in it and go some more. No it's not an expensive device, but IM a simple man  🙂 Great review, and thanks for your time! Thumbs up!~John

  14. Love these videos! keep up the great work!… Also…. Does anyone know what happened with the "mycigargirl" channel? I used to enjoy Chrissa's reviews as well.

  15. this is a good cigar but its kind of small but very good

  16. Another informative review that was well put together. Last Call is now on my To Try list. Please keep up you amazing work. Thank you.

  17. I'm a fan of smaller cigars, I think the biggest I would smoke is a 6×50 and that's rare. I'm a petit corona smoker mostly, Any more than an hour smoking and I get bored so theyre a nice size for me.

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