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Age vs. Beauty in Cigars

Posted by in Cigar Review

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crookedbeardaz – Bradley
tntcigars – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana

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  1. No homo, but men look better as elders than women

  2. Try juuls they give you a fat buzz

  3. I just ordered my first cigars from yall very excited

  4. I'm 28 and just had my first cigar while fishing and it was so nice. I've never had a cigarette or even nicotine for that matter but i didn't catch a buzz or anything(which is fine with me). Love your channel, I stumbled across it while doing research on the hobby. I'm going to a smoke shop tomorrow to pick up a few different stogies to try 😁

  5. So you are telling me Dana is still available? 😀

  6. Brad you old fuck you suck I'm outta here your channel blows now

  7. HAHA, Vintage is good! @53 my life hasn't been better, embrace the vintage!!

  8. This girl strikes me as an introvert. If she was a man, she'd have been doomed to a life of celibacy.

    As for Age vs. Beauty, for men the best thing is age. They have more resources and a higher status as they age and women love that. Especially the younger ones. For women, the best thing is beauty. As they age their beauty disappears.

    Essentially women's sexual marketplace value peaks at 18-25. They start at the top, where every man wants to f**k them and they lose value as they age. At 35-40 they "hit the wall" and it's pretty much over. Women are a depreciating asset.

    For men it's the exact opposite. They start with nothing and no woman wants them. As they invest in themselves, their education and career, they reach 35+ and THEN they peak. At 40, a man has money, social status and stability. And all women like success. It's no wonder we now see couples where the man is 20+ years older than his girlfriend. They have options. They can afford the young ones.

    Older women on the other hand can occasionally strike a younger man. But they'll only be "practice" to him. Why buy a used car with thousands of miles when you can rent a brand new one?

    MGTOW For Life.

  9. It's actually the other way around. Men age like wine and women like milk. MGTOW For Life.

  10. I have two boys and girl, and the girl has had way more ER visit then both the boys combined.

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