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Acrylic Jar Desktop Humidor

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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This video is about a new humidor I purchased from TNT Cigars. It was time to upgrade my humidor with this 20 count jar. The old cherry wood box will still be used, but i’m going to use this as my primary one from now on.


Acrylic Desktop Humidor Deal

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  1. So I'm new to cigars… Smoked 2 so far and don't know anything! Seems like everyone says don't buy this because the sticks suck… Do you recommend any?

  2. I bought the same package and I thought the cigars that came with it were garbage. You can get the same humidor on Amazon for like $16. The lighter and cutter were good though.

  3. Dude, thanks for sharing. Was that a real Cuban Cohiba in the humidor?

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