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Acid Toast cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Acid Toast cigar review

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  1. Great Content keep it up🔥

  2. Love the shirt, love the smile and best of all I love the cigar. Collectively amazing.

  3. Wow …… I think I am watching the sexiest woman on the planet.

  4. Awesome review, i think i may stick to Flavored Cigars for a while, also what is the Name of the song you used, it fits the video quite nice

  5. Have you tried the Kuba Maduro? That's a great one too! I've got a review on that one. Check it out! This one's splendid too, yes.

  6. A lady smoking cigars!! I shall have to write directly to the gazette to express my strong disapproval. What next, I shudder to think, equal wages to men, or perhaps they shall commence the wearing of trousers?

  7. Great videos. Here is a little feedback to help better your reviews. I have watched all your post so far and they all had the same problem which was volume, for some reason it's hard to hear what you're saying and that's with the volume up. Its not completely terrible but if you can adjust that you will be golden. Good luck and postive vibes for your Channel. I can't wait to see more reviews.

  8. Can you do a humidor tour?
    Love the videos, maybe your vids can get my wife into cigars.

  9. You’ve got to turn down the volume on the background music 2-3 clicks. Had to hold the phone up to my ear in order to hear YOU, and missed watching most of the video

    Still subbed tho.

  10. Great review, my Acid sampler tin is on the way, i cant wait to try something different…

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