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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I smoked about 20 different cigar sampler packs before I tried these. Once
    I tasted the Cigar and smoked it, I bought a box and have never smoked
    anything since. It never even occurred to me that anyone would find the
    taste offensive. Also, the smell left in the room after smoking isn’t
    repugnant like others can be.

  2. If you don’t like this….stay far FAR! away from the Acid atom one…You
    think the Kuba Kuba is bad…The atom one is litterally like eating an
    incense puck…by far the worst cigar I’ve smoked to date and, I actually
    like the Kuba Kuba.

  3. When you get a chance, would you review Nica Libre Potencia.

  4. What’s the difference between infused and not? This was the second cigar
    I’ve ever smoked (just yesterday!) and I loved it. The smell, taste, all

  5. Dexter thanks for the comment. I believe they make the same cigar in a
    Maduro wrapper that isn’t a strong of a flavor on your mouth but I haven’t
    had it. Try their Liga Privada, Undercrown really great smokes.

  6. My apologies….it’s called the atom maduro

  7. @CHICKENNNNNNNNN Michael Buble Sway great song

  8. You sound like my kids, I’ll try it but I’m going to hate it, I just hate
    that stuff, so I’m going to hate this, hate, hate, hate. He heeeeee. If you
    start out positive you may end that way.

  9. I was so wanting to see you puke. I love Drew’s sticks, but I love seeing
    people puke too.

  10. intro song ?

  11. Hosh I’m not really sure since I’ve only had the same one twice. Sorry pal

  12. you should review the drew estates egg and Medusa weird look cigars man

  13. I love ACID cigars, but then again, the Perdomo reserve made me sick too.
    Then again im a younger person. I like the Blondie of all things ACID. Tell
    me what you like out of Rocky Patel! Thats the thing im leaning on for my
    next stogie.

  14. Random it will as they are infused and if they touch your other cigars they
    will grab that flavor. I suggest u put them in a plastic bag with its own
    humidification beads and they will be fine with other cigars.

  15. These are great if you enjoy smoking men’s aftershave. I’m not a query so
    no thanks.

  16. Electronspark thanks for comment and thats why everyone hss their own
    flavor profile. I am glad u like the cigar and I just gave my honest
    opinion , right or wrong.

  17. yes it will.

  18. Hey mike, Kudos for stickin with it. Could tell that wasnt your style(you
    know, with the vomit and all). I gave the Kuba Kuba a try, and It was a
    good change of pace. Like you said, REALLY REALLY sweet though. Thanks

  19. @jkherberger i didnt enjoy at all.

  20. Have you ever tried a Rocky Patel/Drew Estate Java cigar? I think you’d
    like It. It’s a good smoke.

  21. Zac thanks for the comment. As for RP try the Decade, 15 Annv. Or the sun

  22. i agree with you on this cigar. I love how the cigar smokes and the smell
    is awesome but I totally hated the taste on my lips from the Kuba Kuba.
    Does ACID make a cigar that smokes like this one but without the flavor on
    the wrapper?

  23. I’m feeling nauseous just hearing you talking about it… Kuba Kuba Maduro
    or Sumatra? Which would you think is milder?

  24. I had one of these this weekend and actually loved the infused flavour. The
    1st infused cigar I ever smoked and I am already looking into buying a box.
    I really enjoyed it.

  25. @DKTheArcadeRat i had the java it was ok but not for me dont like the
    infused but evweryone is different. thanks

  26. @Mikesstogies i though it sound like him, thanks. Keep up the good work man!

  27. Thanks guys appreciate the support. I will do my best to review that cigar
    for you.

  28. Bob thanks for first time comment and the parental advise.

  29. I’m with ya man. A friend at work gave me a Kuba Kuba, and I only smoked
    about half of it. That’s the first and only infused cigar I’ve ever smoked.

  30. just ran across,i agree,there cigars for girls

  31. Not sure about the egg that’s one big ass smoke LOL

  32. what was the mysterious cigar? im too lazy to read the past comments, sorry

  33. Is033189 I agree not my bag o tea lol

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