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A Poolside Pirate Looks at 30…

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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I’ve got a big birthday coming up this weekend and its got me thinking… plus I have an Oliva Serie V figurado and a Great Lakes Christmas Ale, which is pre…



  1. Are u kidding me,30? Wow man I thought u were in your late 30s early 40s. I
    don’t mean any disrespect at all.. you are very mature for your age. I’ll
    be 33 this year and I’m no where’s near as mature as you. I guess marriage
    and a kid would do it to you real fast. 

  2. I turn 31 on the 20th so I understand 30 it is definitely a reflective age.
    It seems to be the time I realized I was grown up and not a kid anymore. 

  3. Happy soon to be birthday…you have some cigars on they way, enjoy
    them…review a few. Contact me when you get them and we can discuss which
    ones we would like to you put in the review queue. The rest are to just

  4. Hey man, Enjoy your birthday! Enjoy your time with your family! I would
    love to see you review some of the Crowned Heads cigars. Four Kicks,
    Headley Grange, JD Howard Reserve. Thanks man!

  5. Well happy birthday man. I’m turning the big 36 tomorrow. If you think your
    20’s went by fast, just wait – I can’t believe I’m 4 years off 40. I think
    the cigars and whiskey keep me going haha. Keep the reviews coming and
    enjoy your weekend !

  6. Wow, what a puppy.B) Happy Birthday, brother. I hope you have a great one.
    Oliva V = yum-yum! Cheers, ~Hilman

  7. Right = tight. Great post and happy birthday brother. I just had my 24th.

  8. My draw was super right on both of my serie v lanceros…maybe they are
    having quality issues.

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