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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. killyourself

  2. me gusta!

  3. XD criso u funny XD

  4. I have the same

  5. I had that but messed it up for experimenting!but i still have the model.It
    doesn’t work!

  6. Where did u get that ?

  7. @criso1994 thats the same thing i was thinking. lol

  8. imagine going into a bar with that thing and asking someone if they need a

  9. @jbabygoonz where did u buy it from?

  10. wat if u wer ligting a cig in ur v car and a cop sees u

  11. holy shit i didnt know the slide cocked back! that definitely sealed it im
    getting this, on Dealextreme of course cuz im a cheap fuck

  12. Hey pivers303…can u let me know if u get urs and if it’s made of metal
    like the 1 in this vid please…:-)

  13. dear santa

  14. ignorant shit, those people have bought from other places… and they are
    saying how they got plastic they never said they got it from this seller…

  15. where the hell can you get this!!??!?!?!?!

  16. asdadsadasddasda

  17. Dear Santa…

  18. is it legal in the netherlands?

  19. hey i got this one! but the hammer broke 🙁

  20. @SLOPTOBERFEST hey i just order one online and its metal and it look soooo
    damn real

  21. ebay xD seriously search it up

  22. would be funny if ur walking on the street and pull this out to light your
    sigareta and everyone starts screaming :3

  23. very easy to get .

  24. ebay


  26. How much did that cost you

  27. that would be a bad day if u were pulled over for speeding and a piggy saw

  28. really? thats a lighter?! omg, thats what ur gettn! its ganna make it look
    like ur shottn urself when u light ur cig! lol :p -kendra

  29. Where did you get this from

  30. where can i get one of these

  31. epic

  32. People look on Dealextreme . com it’s only about 6-7$

  33. Awesome where from sick gun man

  34. Can any1 plz tell me how to refill it

  35. where can i buy one? deal extreme?

  36. what if you go to light someones cigarette? they’ll think they’re gonna get

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