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8 Biggest Pet Peeves of Cigar Smokers

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There are no hard fast rules to smoking cigars, and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you there is. But when you’re smoking with other people, here are some things you might want to be considerate about.

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  1. my pet peeves are people who smoke and try to find comfort or happiness through it. fuck your lunges not mine. ps I'm not donating my lunges when you get cancer 😚

  2. My pet peeve is when I happen to be sharing my cigar, somebody offers to light it whilst say I'm pulling drinks out of my bag or something and they've totally managed to char one side of the cigar so badly that the whole piece burns uneven throughout lmao

  3. my biggest pet peeve is when people post pictures of their cigar and it looks like they were sucking on the end like a popsicle, dripping with slober. literally makes me want to jump out of a window.


  5. Pet Peeve – Idiots using Butane to light Cigars…you might aswell just dip it in Cat urine if you want to destroy the flavour. Use a match you D***head!!!

  6. When my dad puts burns me with his cigars

  7. "you're probably with someone else" Well idk what kind of shit these guys are into but i have never heard of sex without partner. That analogy was phrased horribly. :"probably" like what?? haha.

  8. when people judge you on your cigar choice bases on price.

  9. my biggest cigar pet peeve is when it's not filled with dank diesel

  10. The guy in the left is funny as hell, although I feel like no one's had the guts to tell him to shave the quarter sized patch of pubes that's left on his forehead. I went bald at 27, you'll get no sympathy from me ha ha.

  11. When someone spits over every puff of their cigar!

  12. Can I try your cigar bro?? Mines not good… like cmon!

  13. lol I live in AZ and I just started getting into cigars, I go down to Hiland Cigars on the weekend sometimes. Any chance I'll catch either of you there?

  14. Straight deep throating the end before cutting it

  15. my pet peeve is when someone says…' ooohh you like sucking on big brown dicks hahaha'…. fucking annoying

  16. People (women..) starting to cough when they see me smoking a cigar. They can't smell it yet.. but they see it and cough.

  17. wow… y'all have a lot of sex with each other? that's one hell of an analogy….. lol

  18. Just started watching these last night. Been smoking cigars since I started going to sea almost two years ago. Still consider myself a noob.. but your videos are fuckin great! These are the kinda guys I'd smoke with!

  19. When people ask to try your cigar

  20. I'm relatively new to cigars, but I've had my tastes develop quite quickly; I know what I like and dislike, and I learn to pick up new tastes and nuances every time I smoke. What I DON'T like however, is when people bitch at me for being "too young to understand" or a "hipster"… being young (at least, by cigar smoker standards) has no baring on my ability to enjoy a smoke for all its subtleties.

  21. prices are higher on their website than my local shop…

  22. my pet peeve is I'm only 3 years old and I have to wait another 15 years to buy one

  23. Pet peeve when the bearded guy won't shutup with his stupid jokes so we can't hear what is being said

  24. the comments are so funny!!! So many forget the number one rule, smoke it as you enjoy it, as long as it is not offensive to others then it is your passion and there is no rule to that other than how you want.
    If you like to chop the end off and re light it later then knock your socks off !!!
    If you like to smoke it butt naked painted in glow stick juice with it dipped in brandy then go for it. Enjoy it how you like it and dont let people tell you how you should be enjoying something! After all it is your moment of enjoyment not theirs.

  25. hay do you guys have a shop hear in Arizona id love to come get some good quality cogers and alos it be really cool if you guyz can you give me some feed back on the shadow bar in the talking stick resort and casino thanks

  26. Perfect morning, great cigar, cup of coffee, outdoors at a shop in Palm Springs, and a guy comes up and starts spouting politics. C'mon. Don't talk politics.

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