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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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601 Green label Oscuro cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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601 Green label Oscuro le fuerza cigar review

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  1. Try the blue band…I think it's more full flavored. IMO.

  2. I wish I could taste all these notes you talk about when you review. I retro hale to try and get that extra flavor too

  3. Gorgeous as always, much love <3 xxx

  4. If you like the 601 Green Label I would suggest the 601 Red Label.

  5. Great review, I've smoked alot of the 601 cigars, but the 601 blue Maduro is the best.

  6. Viewed for the girl, stayed for the review, subscribed for the knowledge. 😍😏

  7. The 601 blue label, it's in my opinion the best of that line

  8. I would definitely recommend the 601 blue(maduro) and the 601 la bomba. Both very delicious sticks

  9. Funny, didn't get to see this review until this morning. Had to be in bed for work but I smoked the same exact stick yesterday. I bought 10 not sure what to expect but was surprised for sure. Great review !

  10. What’s the next cigar you’re going to review?

  11. My name is Billy Carpenter and on aug 18 the fire department i volunteer at has a firefighter field day and
    I would like to invite you to come to the field day we will have a parade a muster and dinner and
    After dinner there will be dancing and cigars . Would you be willing to come

  12. Where have you been? You’ve been missed.

  13. Sounds great Tatum! You look so happy! Well done on your recent magazine article

  14. Tatum do you buy random cigars or buy sample bundles?

  15. Glad you are back. Was beginning to worry about you. Ready now for the rest of summer. Just thought, maybe you are in Vegas!

  16. That was a great review Tatum. It's kind of funny because I have the exact same color and pattern yoga pants that your shorts have.

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