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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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60 SECOND CIGAR REVIEW – Zombie Apocalypse – Should I Smoke This? HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

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PART OF A 5 PART HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, this is a review on the Zombie Apocalypse by Cigar. The song in the background is “Zombie Apocalypse” f…

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  1. LOVE the comment – not many people notice the music that we put work into.
    My musical influences are ALL OVER THE PLACE so it’s hard to nail down.
    First of all, I listen to EVERYTHING (except Country), second, I play
    almost every instrument you can think of, so I write from a “musician’s”
    perspective most often. And the vibe you got off this beat is EXACTLY what
    I was going for, so that’s great. As for the “West Coast-ish” sound you say
    you were hearing in the other beats, oddly enough I’ve

  2. THANKS!! Much appreciated.. As always, thank you for your support..

  3. DEFINITELY man! You have it pretty correct lol. Good thing is that I play
    actual instruments too, so in the VERY near future, I’m gonna be laying
    down live drums and even some guitar into most of my new tracks. I use live
    bass in almost everything I produce already, and any piano / organ / soft
    keys you hear in tracks I play live too, those aren’t samples. Glad you’re
    diggin the stuff! LOTS more coming. You can keep track of the music on
    Reverbnation. Just search Beats By Insomniac

  4. Dude I like the beat on here. Real cool and chill. I’m curious, though. I’m
    a hip hop fanatic and I’m really interested in what music you listen to and
    seek influence? Most of the songs under the videos have a really west
    coastish new school sound to them, but with like a dash of east
    coastishness. This song kinda reminded me of like Dilla’s style. Solid beat
    with samples of classical instruments. Keep up the good work.

  5. Dude, that’s cool stuff. What I was thinkin’ with the West Coast vibe was
    that you get this sort of more computerized and bass heavy production. That
    mainly relates to new school, and especially the sort of mainstream new
    school that they’ve got going on. Shit that you bump through your speakers
    when you’re cruisin’ down the street (in your ’64). But in this perpetually
    evolving genre, I find that the East Coast West Coast spectrum is narrowing
    down. If you take like the new school East Coast…

  6. Really digging the new music you put up with these reviews as well. This
    particular beat I was really feeling too.

  7. Thanks! I literally wrote / put down ALL 5 of these beats from scratch in 4
    days lol

  8. Dat work ethic tho…

  9. Thanks a lot! I love what I do, so I’m not gonna stop anytime soon.

  10. You’re a pretty cool dude-bro. I really like hip-hop producers that use
    real live instruments in their beats, especially if they play the
    instruments themselves. Keep up the good work, man. Both with the reviews
    and your music.

  11. …gotten that same comment from quite a few people and I’ve never even
    been to the West Coast, nor can I say that I’m a “West Coast Production
    fan” particularly. I vibe to whatever I can FEEL in hiphop, so it’s a lot
    of stuff for sure, but no one sound or element alone. ..way to mention
    Dilla btw! Man is a LEGEND in hiphop production.

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