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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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60 SECOND CIGAR REVIEW – Macanudo Maduro Hampton Court – Should I Smoke This?

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Here’s a review on the Macanudo Maduro Hampton Court Cigar. The stats of this stick are listed in the first 7 seconds of the video (press pause if you don’t …


  1. Ohhhh, gotcha yeah i saw the Bloomfield inserts in some of your videos, i’m
    from Central Jersey, about 45mins from the City.

  2. You’re welcome! My pleasure. If there’s anything else you want to see me
    review, just let me know and I’ll tell you where to sent it.

  3. I live 2 towns over from Bloomfield in West Orange. Where from in Central

  4. Yeah i work right in Kenilworth actually, i’ve been to West Orange many
    times. I’m still fairly new to cigars but maybe we can get together some
    time and smoke a stick.

  5. do i hint a NY accent?

  6. I hear ya. Did you see my OTHER Macanudo review? I reviewed this one
    because one of my subscribers was surprised by how much I HATED the other
    one lol. And THANKS for the compliment! I enjoy putting these together and
    have TONS more on the way!

  7. I know exactly where that is. Not too far from where I’m at actually. Very

  8. lol NJ but I spend a lot of time in NY because it’s 15 minutes away. So

  9. Im from Piscataway, about 8 mins from 287 and 5 mins from 22

  10. I would have to say I would go for the Starbucks along with this cigar.
    Great review!

  11. I’m consistently disappointed by Macanudo, but I’d give this one a try
    based on your review. Also, I appreciate the creative efforts you put into
    these reviews.

  12. Being a coffee addict, I’d have to agree. Thanks!

  13. Not a bad idea.. I’ll keep that in mind for when my schedule clears up a
    bit next month..

  14. Thanks for reviewing this stick, glad you liked it!

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