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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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6 Best Beginner Cigars

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Just getting into cigars? Here are 6 great cigars to help you test your taste buds as you get into cigars!


  1. I like a sweet rum what cigar would go well if that I just starting out

  2. This guys looks like a mafia enforcer lol.

  3. Where can you find these cigars?

  4. Liked the video. It would be great if you left links in the description to websites where we can purchase these.

  5. my first cigar was a punch coronations, i had a pretty good experience!

  6. Thnks for the share buddy ❤️

  7. I'm thinking about having my first cigar, I bought a Quorum Classic by suggestion. Is this a great starter or should I choose different?

  8. Beginner cigar? So do I have to go up to medium and full body cigar to taste or smell better aroma and flavor???

  9. Macanudo Cafe Court is a good starter IMO.

  10. Cao gold light is not in there

  11. how do you know if a cigar is light, medium, or full body flavor cigar?

  12. the griffins was alright, the Olivia series v and Undercrown were much better.

  13. how about a Monte Cristo? do they have a great starter?

  14. im a new cigar smoker and I like to smoke the Cohiba Siglo I. Perfect size and mild smooth taste.

  15. I smoked captain Eileen's Dream pipe tobacco. I LOVED it. I want some cigars lol

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