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5 Ways to Cut a Cigar Without A Cigar Cutter

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Have you ever gone to cut a tasty cigar only to realize you don’t have a cutter? Well in this episode we’ll walk you through 5 cigar cutting hacks for when you’re unequipped.

Questions: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever used to cut a cigar?

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  1. If you puncture a hole with a golf tee that works really well

  2. Mine is a small caliber bullet shell. I'm sure you could use the bullet as well..

  3. I used some little pick on my multitool to put a hole in my cigar. (got it first try)

    On a different occasion I used a metal skewer to jab a hole, but I botched it.

  4. I have used a spent shell casing (30-30/45-cal) that has been deburred and sharpened…. or in a pinch, I would use my thumb and pointer finger nails to pinch off a small opening in the cap. Both techniques work flawlessly. Of course a knife would work just as well.

  5. I would wet the end of my cigar and use a wire cheese cutter

  6. Good thing I'm from the Midwest

  7. I used a thin gauge, broken guitar string before.

  8. I have used car keys

  9. my cigar already has a v shaped notch cut into it at the end where the band is at. The other end is closed with a small hole in the center. Do i have to cut that end of the cigar?

  10. I do believe the biting method is called the hanibal/A teammethod.

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