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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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5 Vegas Cask Strength Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. I buy these once in a while… I like them. I don’t normally care so much
    if I have to re-light/fix it once in a while, it all depends on how the
    tobacco is sitting in the stick, tight on one side, loose on the other. If
    I can enjoy the smoke, I’m good. I especially like these when they’re in
    my high humidity humidor – 90 percent. I leave them in there for about 5-7
    days after buying them, then they are just soft enough to get the full
    richness in the moister leaves, and less burnt smoke. IMO. Thanks for the

  2. first…nice vid brian

  3. Bought a few of these on a daily deal. Didn’t really dig the flavor, but it
    was ROTT at the time. 

  4. I find that 5 Vegas need a couple of days of dry boxing for optimal smoke.

  5. I smoked a Cask Strength a couple weeks ago and it tasted very sour to me,
    left a sour aftertaste for quite some time even after I threw it out after
    the first 2 thirds. Mine was a torpedo though. Was curious to see if your
    tasted kinda sour or bitter but you didn’t mention it so maybe it’s just

  6. That dog barking got on my nerves. Lol

  7. What was that little *boink* when you tossed the cigar? did you hit the
    grill maybe?

  8. hah…gotta love those environmental intrusions…don’t throw any tainted
    meat over the fence! Enjoy your taste evals -maybe someday I’ll know what
    the heck I’m talkin’ about. lol Peace

  9. I’ve only smoked one 5 Vegas in my life and it will probably be the last

  10. Not sure why but I haven’t had any 5 Vegas that hasn’t had wonky burn
    trouble. Have pretty much gotten away from the line…

  11. Sorry I meant to say this actually looked like a good smoke

  12. I was a little disappointed with this one actually looks like a very good
    smoke. I noticed that you didn’t fast forward through the toasting as you
    usually do. Was it because of the dog or you just showing how it’s done
    from now on?

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