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5 Types of Cigar Smokers you’ll meet in a cigar lounge

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There are lots of different types of cigar smokers. Here are 5 that you’re sure to find in just about every cigar lounge in the world.

Post a comment below with the types of cigar smokers you’ve seen. Do you like smoking with them, or do they drive you crazy?

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  1. I'm like a few steps above Humble Newbie. I know what I like, I know some brands, I know where a few flavors go and come from. But I would like some help as well lol.

  2. Here’s 6: the unfunny fatty who goes to a wood and leather cigar lounge to feast his eyes on great aesthetics, while wearing his pjs to impose that ugly aesthetic on fellow smokers.

  3. I'm a big newby (both) not many cigar shops near me and no one I know smokes them so no one can really help

  4. I don't even think cigar lounges are legal to own in my state unfortunately

  5. I don't smoke cigars I dip tobacco but I subscribed cause u guys are hilarious

  6. You forgot the douche bag who touches up his cigars for no reason on every video haha!

  7. im the newbie, im quiet mind my own business, if u wanna talk? cool.

  8. the 'im a lawyer and cusses out a storm with my lawyer buddies'

  9. the unretired regular sound like norm from cheers

  10. Cigar Nerds- Tim and Bradley….:)

  11. Where's the Tim in drag video?? Lol

  12. I am the 2nd newbie and I am proud of it! 😎

  13. The E.F Huttons…when he talks everyone listens or he'll make you listen😎

  14. I live in Maine and there's only 3 lounges I've been able to find, and all 3 have another type of regular, the owner of the store next to them, its weird to buy something there and see them in the cigar shop an hour later

  15. The weekend warrior. Works his full time job and is a regular on the weekend or days off. Or the traveler. Someone who comes from 80 miles away to sit in a lounge.

  16. My first 2 visits to a cigar lounge I was the newbie trying to smell through the cellophane

  17. Yeah we have one of shameless self promoter in our B&M and he pisses off a lot of people. But yeah we have one.

  18. What drives me crazy are guys that criticize other cigar smokers and these two yahoo's have no cigar etiquette holding their cigars like cigarettes! hahahahahahahahaha

  19. Do you ever get minors? If so how do you handle them

  20. 🤣 these videos are great. I only tend to smoke cigars on holidays but having a 'lounge' I'm sure I would smoke a lot more.

  21. I've never been to a cigar lounge

  22. Humble Newbies Unite! Hoping to Graduate at some point haha.

  23. Lmao you guys are great! I'm a cigar geek and regular that's not retired. But your right every place has all of those people…the ones I like the most are the people that say they only smoke aged cigars and yet smoke nothing but short fillers. It blows my mind!

  24. The "Mr. Me Too" or "one up/I'll do you one better."

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