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5 Minute Tobacco Review: Mississippi River (revisit)

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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This will be the first revisit in my tobacco review series and in it I will be taking a second look at Seattle Pipe Clubs Mississippi River. I hope you enjoy…

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  1. Great review as always. Right now I’m preferring MR to PP, but they’re both
    great smoked!

  2. Very well said Jacob.
    I’m a plum pudding guy myself, but like you said, to each his own.

  3. Great review my friend, I’ve honestly never tried Mississippi River but it
    sounds like something I might be looking into soon. Thanks for sharing and
    take care. -BriarBro

  4. really good 5min. review. agreed!

  5. Great review. I recently got 1oz of PP for tasting, it’s a good smoke but I
    find it too mild for me. Think I will keep smoking MR for awhile till I try
    another bowl of PP and will decider to order some for cellar or not.

  6. Awesome review man I really like Mississippi river but I’m with plum
    pudding to me is a better smoke!! I’m gonna be making a couple video’s soon
    work is killing me but got to make a living keep up the good work man!! God

  7. Great review. I wasn’t all that impressed in my first go around with
    Mississippi River and now that it’s been awhile your video reminded me to
    give it another go….just ordered some Plum Pudding so really looking
    forward to trying that.

  8. Great Review

  9. Nice review. Im looking forward to trying both the MR and the Plum
    Pudding. take care, J

  10. I’ve found it to be pipe specific as well. My Boswell doesn’t seem to like
    it, probably because its an excellent flake pipe due to the bowl shape.
    Have a bent basket pipe that really brings out the flavor. 

  11. Than you to sheer review always!Yes I like This tobacco.Also Plum pudding
    just arrived at home but not try it yet.
    Happy smoking!

  12. Good review bro. It is a good tasting tobacco, but I like royal Cajun ebony
    better.they are I would say basically in the same class. Have a good day
    and God bless

  13. Good review & very well put!

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