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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Justin Johnson checks in from Tasmania, during his Smoke & Mirrors World Tour, to share his favorite tunings for the 4-string Cig…

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  1. Why isn’t the standard tuning #2 ADGB ?… I don’t understand why the B
    is changed to C if it’s the middle 4 of a standard 6 string guitar. thx

  2. Does this mean that you can still bar chord and just use one finger like
    you showed us in your other video for the 3 string? 

  3. That was a Great Tuning Lesson for 4 String Thanks !

  4. Thanks for this lessons Justin…I guess Nikki is recording and the
    bloopers at the end were funny dhani said (boat) when he saw u pretending
    squeezing it.

  5. Great vid, thanks! What gauge strings do you normally use? Would you go
    with a .12 or .13 set (and consequently use the middle four strings) or for
    something light like .10 or .11 I personally like thicker strings with
    slide guitar, but I’m not sure what a CBG neck can handle. Thanks! 

  6. Justin you are so clear explaining CBG and using theory in a practical
    manner. I am learning so much from you.

    Thanks again for explaining how the CBG really works.

    I finally understand open tunings. 

  7. Thanks so much Justin! This is very timely for me, I just finished my
    first CBG a week ago and guess what? It has 4 strings! This is very
    useful to me and I thank you for the effort. You must be kinda wiped out
    from traveling. Amazing that you could pull this off. Enjoy the tour!

  8. Very good and practical information for understanding the meat and potatoes
    of a CBG. Nice !

  9. Очень интересно. Люблю всякие новшества в музыке.

  10. Thanks for all the info and a good laugh at the end !!!!

  11. thanks for sharing

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