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4 Convo NO NOs while smoking cigars!!!

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Have you ever been enjoying a tasty cigar, and had some obnoxious loud mouth jerk sit down next to you and start jabbering on and on…. then you’ve smoked with Tim Swanson too.

Here are 4 conversation topics to avoid while smoking cigars with your buddies!

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  1. Sometimes I like to talk about my first cigar I don't talk politics but I like talking about the justice system and how fucked it is just tryina get an uprise in public opinion and I don't talk religion but if someones saying God ain't real and saying shit like "Christians are dumb for believe in an imaginary sky monster" that pisses me off and I'll flip tf out

  2. Guys… love this topic… im a muslim and i enjoy cigars every minute of it. Check out my instg: izam1303.

  3. I enjoy talking about politics while smoking cigars, with people who agree and disagree equally, but only to the point to which we can have a civil and still enjoyable conversation. And also providing we mutually agree that is something we'd like to discuss.

  4. Religion came up on one of the last times in the lounge. I came in halfway through the conversation, but it wasn't too awkward. And I completely agree with you Bradley on listening vs talking!

  5. Fucking taxes. Talk about taxes is just incessant and sad.

  6. You guys are awesomeness

  7. When "that guy" walks into the room and starts telling the young guys about how they should invest in stocks and sell insurance while everyone's in the middle of a conversation.

  8. Anyone else hate it when somone talks about fight club in the cigar lounge?

  9. I hate when people talk about muslims

  10. @tnt cigars do u guys dislike Muslims because I am Muslim and love cigars

  11. Tim is like a white Eddie murphy

  12. It makes me so happy to hear that you guys are Christians!

  13. Politics isn't so bad if you are around like minded people

  14. Two ears and one mouth, so true!!

  15. Great and constructive video. God Bless!

  16. My gosh I'm almost thinking of leaving the closest lounge to where I live. They always talk politics when there are two certain people there. Even to the distance of turning the news on to it. I DON"T wan't to hear about it while I'm trying to relax and smoke. Frustrating beyond belief.

  17. Muslims can too smoke cigars

  18. It's a little ironic that these guys talk about cigars and politics in every video

  19. I really want to rub Tims head, and pet Bradleys beard.

  20. defiantly critiquing people cigar choice is a big one, nobody cares what the price of the cigar is , and for the love of god, don't brag about how expensive your cigar is

  21. This is not by any means an attempt to start a debate, but I just want to give you all serious props for saying that you are Bible believing men of faith in Jesus Christ in your videos. I am a ordained Christian minister in East Tennessee who loves cigars and you just don't here support for Christ that much on social media. It is an accurate representation of our religion that you all show love and acceptance of everyone despite their beliefs, race, or gender. There are many so called Christians that give Christ and our faith a bad name because of their judgement and stereotyping. Appreciate what you guys are doing and love the videos!!!

  22. not good when people say " oh my god is that an acid? smoke a real cigar" it temps me to bring in a black and mild which I also enjoy. also what cigar are you guys smoking?

  23. Oh and on Muslims smoking cigars, tobacco is the only drug that is "accepted". Scholars or priests if you will of our religion don't rule it out because it is not specified within the religion. What is specified is that anything that gets you intoxicated is forbidden. So you will see cigarette/cigar/hookah smokers all over in the Middle East.

  24. Thank you for bringing up the whole issue of respecting each other's political views/religion. I am a Muslim and hear irrelvent shit all the time that is unnesscary when trying to enjoy a cigar . Really makes your lounge feel welcoming.

  25. kinda a weird one. But I hate when cigar lounges have very awful music in the background. a good lounge has classical or smooth jazz

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