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2018 Humidor tour

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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I’ve been meaning to do an updated humidor tour video for a long time. So here it is. If you’re not a cigar enthusiast you probably don’t want to watch this one. Is you are a cigar enthusiast don’t spend as much money as I have lol.



  1. Holy smokes!! Now that is a collection to aspire to. Awesome sir. Enjoy!

  2. Just finished watching your video. You have an amazing collection brother. Hopefully one day I have as many as you do. You really have some beautiful sticks. I have to get my hands on some viaje cigars they have amazing looking cigars.

  3. Did you put the Cubans in the cellophane or did they come like that?

  4. Epic collection. In the top shelf I thought to myself “all he’s missing is the nunchucks,” and then there they were…

  5. Beautiful collection Sketchy. You got me on the hunt for some Kruger's now haha.

  6. VERY nice!  No Illusiones?  Considering your selection, this surprised me

  7. Been a long time since I've seen one of your videos, and your cigar collection has grown since the last time you showed it, congrats brother RESPECT from Missouri

  8. Thats whats up bro

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