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$19 Humidor & 10 Cigar Combo Deal from Cigars International

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A smoking DEAL! 25-50 cigar Humidor with 10 very nice cigars for only $19! Thank you to YouTuber GunCollector007 for sharing this deal alert with us all. Check out what’s inside and get the deal while you can!

Cigar International deal link:


Thompson Cigar - Free Shipping on $99+


  1. Did you do an update on this yet?

  2. Nice…. which ones you like more they are by my house will look into this offer sicne yhey have a $50 olivia with a morretti churchill lighter for $5 extra.

  3. Curious, 3 months in how well does that humidor hold humidity?

  4. You have to wait until the deal come up keep watching for it from cigar International. I had a chance to get it twice but I wanted to hear from someone who has it first before I bought it.

  5. I don't know how to link but it was in a magazine in my mail for coupons if you go to look up powerhouse deals their different from the magazine advertising

  6. Thompson has a advertisement called a powerhouse 12 cigar combo for $19.95 cheap cherry wood finish humidor butane lighter cigar cutter and 12 cigars I'm ordering one tomorrow

  7. Just got my shipping confirmation that mine will arrive today!!!!

  8. Do you have any other links?

  9. Just got mine on Saturday! Great way to start for cigar newbie!!!

  10. Just ordered this combo today, way too good to pass up!

  11. I bought this deal, cant beat it. The humidor is very very nice

  12. That's a pretty good deal too bad I don't smoke cigars

  13. $159.75 on the site as of right now….bummer!!

  14. A nice deal for sure. Can't beat a fine cigar and a drink after a hard week of work. Good relaxation!


  16. Couple good cigars there and a nice lookin humidor well worth 19 bucks and again

  17. Smokin deal! lol Very cool Cobra. Thanks for the link

  18. Good deal looks like back to full price again but will have to keep an eye out

  19. Really Nice! I may have to get one! Boom!

  20. Cant smoke anymore but I loved it when I did , that's a great looking box , lol

  21. That's awesome man! So glad you got in on this deal. They really are some great cigars and the humidor is one that will last a lifetime. Enjoy it my friend and thanks for the shoutout!

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