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1876 Reserve Torpedo Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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1876 Reserve Torpedo Cigar Review This 6.5×52 torpedo stick features a very soft, dry slightly toothy dark tan wrapper with small veins, a few splotches and …

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  1. I have no financial constraints whatsoever, but I suffer from a disease
    called ‘cheapness’. Thanks to this review now I know what to buy.

  2. Keep them in your humidor for a year and it will lose the harshness 

  3. Thanks for a review on a cigar that anyone can afford. And thanks to Ralph

  4. You always have Grad A reviews, I really appreciate them; keep it up. If
    you ever have time try to review a Duque, there cheap but have decent

  5. Thanks for the review on this. I just ordered the Churchill and the price
    was right. LOL I read a previous post about putting them in the humidor for
    6 months, any thoughts?

  6. THAT stick needs to be buried in the Sahara desert for an eternity and THEN
    it might be better…but probably NOT!

  7. Love the reviews, they’re impeccably detailed.

  8. you need to put this cigars at least for six months in your humidor .. and
    then you won,t believe what you are smoking !!!

  9. @thatcowguy100 that’s what she said

  10. can i have like 600 cigars for free? lol i hate people like this

  11. @19ZACH95 600 cigars wod be nice lol

  12. What I got out of this was that, this is cheap as shit and 70% of it will
    be quality. I bet what OPUS X said is right too.. let these sit for a
    minute and they’ll be much nicer…

  13. My mouth is watering

  14. Very good review, and for that price I think we can all agree that it is a
    fairly nice stick.

  15. You can get 50 of em for 55-60 bucks

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