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13 BEST Things to Do & Smoke A Cigar

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The relaxation of smoking cigars can be enhanced when paired with the right activity. What do you do while smoking a cigar to relax? Drop us a comment.

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  1. I sometimes smoke one during the videos, but my favorite time is any time.

  2. The best time is alone when the sunrise at a sea in a vacation

  3. My vote is while playing a game of CHESS with your buddies… or several games of chess, depending on who plays 🤣

  4. Best time to smoke a cigar is when you're on your lonesome and nobody is around.
    Sit outside, puff on a stogie and you've got a good 2 hours to just think – or not think!

  5. Can you review CAO Pilon im new to cigars and i would really appreciate a professional opinion.

  6. While you'r on the shooting range!

  7. Love the Bible study idea. And this was the first of your videos I watched without smoking a cigar …it kinda felt weird

  8. defo while watchin the cigar worlds laurel n hard y also tried it while scuba diving but it kept going out go figure.👎

  9. for me the number one time to smoke a cigar is after dinner on the patio watching birds on the bird feeder. nature and a cigar go together better than anything I know. #2 is grilling , #3 Long driving trips #4 dog walking. but going to try the campfire one this weekend.

  10. So basically smoke a cigar everywhere

  11. my favorite time to smoke is while sitting in my garage with the door open listening to the Cubs on the radio having a nice cup of tea or a coffee.

  12. its funny you mentioned the Bible study thing. I am not a church guy but I know the old guys at one of my local cigar shops have what they call the "Holy Smoke" every Sunday after church.

  13. While dirt bike riding , take a brake a puff with a friend !!!

  14. While operating a small yard tractor, with a drink in the drink well, bluetooth headphones while dragging a field with a fine stick. One of those things that just makes you feel like it's a great day.

  15. My favorite time to smoke a cigar is when I'm cleaning or working on guns in my garage. Both are very relaxing.

  16. My fantasy football draft or while reading a book on a Sunday afternoon

  17. Cigar with morning coffee and sunrise

  18. before during and after a RAIDERS game

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