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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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$100 CIGAR! Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Muestra de Saka Unicorn Cigar Review

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I smoke and review the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Muestra de Saka Unicorn. Check out my written review and much more at:

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  1. Watching here in Muncie,IN man really diggin the reviews!

  2. First off, nice review. Next, Saka really didnt prove much by charging $100.00 for a cigar. What would have made more sense, would be making a quality cigar for 80% less money. What did he "prove" by creating this blend? I think Stevie's gettin a little too big for himself, based on his "Liga" status.

    Ill get 3 Padron 80 years for that price. Ok, im done. Good review!

  3. how would you compare to Padron 80th figurado?

  4. Nice classic music to go with $$$ cigar haha!

  5. Holy smokes that's expensive…yeah pun. Love black licorice or anise. I actually like perfecto and hope to try it. Back when I was a young smoker, Bryan Glynn fooled me with "they are just for looks, doesn't change the flavor" – so untrue, like saying spaghetti is the same as linguini. I agree with you on the resting, humi age matters. So many reviewers out there who misguide many young smokers. Keep up the good stuff man +cutlightsmoke

  6. "There's some that make EXTREMELY expensive cigars that are dog shit…"

    Cough cough gurkha cough…. cough cough cough gurkha cough…

  7. Good review! Like your vibe, you got a new sub!

  8. Cut light what is that lighter looks chunky

  9. Great honest review. I'm a Saka fan through and through but $100 is just too steep. Steve said that himself that he didn't even want to release these because of the price point. The people wanted it though and he came through!

  10. I like this style of video more than the others, funny, nice, cool, speaking with us, keep doing videos like this style, thanks for your time 🙂

  11. Noah! Nice review. Hey what ever happened to your shed/smoke room?

  12. Of course it lived up to the hype for over 100 bones a stick…haha. Truly though, congrats on a unique experience that only a few will experience. We can all appreciate what Saka has done for the industry. No judgement here, well done. And as a side note, I believe you were correct in regards to the importance of letting cigars rest before lighting them up, it can make a huge difference. The only other review I've seen on YouTube with this stick had serious burn issues and I'm sure it was due to lighting up way too early for the sake of popularity and sales. But then again, congrats to him for having the boldness to pursue his passion (cigars daily).

  13. Hmmmm I got 2, heard you was doing a review from LeeMack912 so I have been waiting for this review!

  14. I love steve Saka! A

  15. Hey CLS, I decided to start a channel myself and I'd love if you could check out my channel. Your channel, among others, has inspired me to start one of my own. Hope to see more content from you soon!

  16. Great review, I’ll live through your experience on this one. The Muestro de Saka Nacatamale is one of my favorite cigars, and I love Steve’s entire line at DTT. I think it’s very cool that you bought this for charity, and let us share the experience with you. Cheers!

  17. LOL! Thanks for taking one for the team. It wouldn't hurt me to buy this but even if I found them – I won't. Unless it's for a charity event like what you did. No way I could justify being this frivolous – until I get wealthy.

  18. Great review man! That definitely is a unicorn! Can’t believe there are only 1000 of them! That’s extremely limited!

  19. No big deal on the cigar to your nose pre-light routine. I often enjoy the aroma off the non-lit end of the cigar after it has been burning for awhile. Besides flavors come from the nose, if you can't smell then your taste is just about non-existent. Glad to see a rested cigar of this price did not have burn issues. Enjoy.

  20. How anyone can charge $100 for a cigar while keeping a straight face is beyond me.

  21. Super fun review! Thanks for smoking the Unicorn for us!

  22. Probably never smoke one but enjoyed it by proxy. Thanks !!

  23. I got three from local B&M I Agree 100 percent with ya, Best Dam cigar I have ever smoked going to try to hold out on the other two just to see if they get even more gooder lol ! But the Atabey Ritos is my go to top shelf pick hell it's 40 bucks But is a dam fine smoke to me cheers 😎

  24. Extremely expensive cigars that are shit ? Cough Cough Gurkha

  25. Another great review thanks for the advice on cigars and how much to spend sounded like an amazing cigar

  26. Wow, can’t believe you have one of these

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