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✔️ Numyth Tohil Lighter – Review

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Numyth Tohil Lighter – Review – ZimCo Survival

Hello! This is my review of the Numyth Tohil Lighter, The perfect prepping / survival lighter!

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Numyth Tohil Lighter

Numyth Vulcan Fire Piston

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  2. I bought one of these little lighters to put in my bug out bag and I topped it off with fluid and sealed it up and within less than 4 weeks it was dry as a bone! So the O-ring seal does absolutely nothing to keep that fluid inside from evaporating

  3. Hopefully you realize this item is no longer available!!!

  4. Good review. They discontinued these though. Just my damn luck.

  5. if they put the o ring on the cap instead, then it can be used as candle with no problem. Otherwise it seems like a great design

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