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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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№ 201: Will Smoking a Cigar in a Pipe Ruin the Pipe? Take Three.

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Shop Notes:
0:52 Continuing on with our “Smoke a cigar in a pipe” experiment by mixing a ground-up cigar with Lane 1Q.
6:04 Visit The Cigar Station in Spring Hill, TN.
7:49 Happy Father’s Day and Paw Patrol LIVE!
10:59 TAG (2018 film) Here’s the trailer:
15:45 What is MMBClub even good for?

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  1. Favorite breakfast: Sausage gravy and biscuits. Black coffee. RD

  2. i love the different conversations back and forth keep it up.

  3. Sausage homefries and egg rolled in a burrito. That's my go-to breakfast. Followed by a bowl of velvet or swr.

  4. Bulletproof coffee! I'd love to see you guys try some live and report back on the effects.

  5. Favorite Breakfast- Couple pancakes, some bacon/sausage, dippy eggs, home fries, and toast for good measure.

  6. I greatly enjoy sitting on my porch after a hard day of work, enjoying my pipe and listening to you guys talk about your week and what’s going on in your lives – don’t worry about those who critique you for what you don’t talk about as there are plenty of us who enjoy what you do talk about 🙂 Btw: I’m the one that watches your videos while I make breakfast for my family on Wednesday (my day off) … I have a 12”x24” griddle that I make a six egg omelette with cheese on while I cook 8 strips of bacon in the oven and 4 pieces of toast in the toaster – that feeds me, my wife, my six year old daughter and one year old son Xavier Charles (named after Charles Xavier from the X-men!) Northern New Jersey loves ya:)

  7. how is this "new blend" compare to some traditional English blend?

  8. Great video, Gentlemen!!! I'm definitely enjoying this "miniseries" regarding smoking cigars in pipes…I'll have to try this latest method of blending the aromatic pipe tobacco with the cigar — makes for an interesting experience!!!

  9. Loved the show guys. Question, if you have a black & mild cigar that is made with pipe tobacco and put it in your pipe to smoke. Is it a cigar or pipe tobacco? LOL. Breakfast… smoked sausage in a pipe. LOL

  10. Enjoy watching father & son, sitting around, just chewing the fat while having a smoke.
    Corn pancakes with hard boiled egg (sliced) and bacon – breakfast of champions 😉

  11. Shrinking pastor Seth you are looking good! Have ether of you noticed that aromatic tobacco taste better now that you are on keto? I now enjoy aromatic tobacco more than before. Coming from cigars I didn't originally like aromatics.

  12. Favorite breakfast: Early Morning Pipe.

  13. Tell whoever complained about this channel to get a life. There are plenty of good channels on pipes, pipe smoking, and tobacco. I usually comment and give my advice on them. But sometimes​ you like to just kinda chill out and that you can do here. Keep the video's coming and let the disenchanted grumble and also "Get A Life" LOL

  14. Spring Hill Saturn plant was re-tooled to build Chevrolet and GMC crossover vehicles.

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