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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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№ 199: Smoking a Cigar in a Pipe, Take Two. Personal Branding

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After last week’s failed experiment with smoking rolled cigars in a pipe we decided to see if grinding the cigar into loose leaf made more sense. So, in today’s episode we once again smoke cigars in a couple “Outlaw” corn cob pipes in order to prove or disprove the old wives tale that says if you smoke a cigar in a pipe it will be forever ghosted.

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  1. Another great video thanks for sharing

  2. That’s a nice “tobacco” grinder. 😂 is it a 4 piece?

  3. Great video. Seems to have worked alot better than last week. Take it easy gents.

  4. Very interesting and informative conversation this week guys. I like all of your videos but especially enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great idea on griding the cigar to smoke in a pipe. We put a lot into the way we would talk to people back when I could work. We always were across from a suspect when questioning them to see their face and reactions. And watching the hands can save your life in any situation. See you next time guys have a great week.

  6. What do u guys think of peter Stockbye 201 black cavendish??? It's richer and more moist than the lane bca version of black cavendish.. your thoughts please ..

  7. Cigar grinds – grate for tobacco blending, NOT so much for fish food…
    Really interesting video.

  8. Love the channel – I’ve been watching all your older episodes starting with the first one – I’m up to episode 40 I think – just got a new Diplomat cob in the mail – love how thick/big it is! I went to Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and our mascot was the Diplomat!

  9. Next up: smoke a pipe in a cigar…

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