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I was so desperate...
No Justice, No Peace!
~ 2010- The year I was "showered" with gifts from my SC Brothers.

Gratitude is when memories are stored in the heart, and not in the mind. Our hearts will not forget.
Thanks guys. When I get punch drunk and a bit sleepy, I'm not always coherent (and sometimes get really bad, my poor hubby). Glad you didn't need a translator to read this. Sorry, by the only girl in the house, I was talking about where I live. The boys have a tendency to rub off on me and at times I can be not very lady like. Okay, most of the time.

Tonto, thanks for the advice, but I've had the Special G I believe. I might still have one left if I get off my butt and look.

I realize 47 is warm, but summer is my time. Barefoot in the garden and out on my porch half the night without a blanket or jacket, just me, The Man and the citronella candles Smile THAT is pure heaven. And sitting out there, lots of stogie time.

Really, a Harley below freezing? I don't like anything below freezing! I feel like putting on my gloves just thinking about it!

Mark, don't pick on the old guy. I volunteered my stupidity up for you to laugh at, as easy as it may be, this is not the place to pick on him. Smile) There's plenty of other opportunities to do that.

I don't know if I should admit it, but there's a reason that I told admin to reject my order if I try anything that stupid again. I didn't buy those godawful things at the gas station. I now know better.

I swear, on a stack of humidors that I will never buy those nasty things ever again. <look for my next review of my next mistake when the weather breaks>
I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. -Mae West
Ha ha - good review. I dislike the small cigarette like ones a lot. I used to smoke Djarum Black clove cigarettes from time to time and the new stupid law against flavored cigarettes got them too. They remade them as little cigar things and they are AWFUL. Not the same at all. It was very sad.

I prefer a proper cigar these days. Smile

Glad I am not the only woman here that tends to act more like one of the guys.

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