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Yo mamma jokes.... - Admin - 10-25-2010

Yo mamma so fat, she has more chins than a Chinese phonebook!

(your turn)

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - jollymon16 - 10-25-2010

Yo mama's so fat that when she fell in love she broke it

I've seen people like yo mama before, but I had to pay admission!"

There are big spiders and little spiders, but your Mom is still a slut

(can't help myself)

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - carl609 - 10-25-2010

Yo mama's so fat, when she cuts herself she bleeds maple syrup

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - iSmoke - 10-25-2010

Yo mama so hairy you almost died of rug burn at birth!
Yo Mama So Stupid she noticed a sign reading 'Wet Floor' she just did!

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo - 10-26-2010

Yo mama teeth are so yellow traffic slows down when she smiles!

Yo moma's so fat...
the only thing that's attracted to her is gravity.
her belt size is Equator, the style is Asteroid.
when she step on the Weight Scales it says...'to be continued'...
she make Jabba the Hutt look anorexic.
She sat on 4 quarters and made a dollar.

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - Magnum PI - 10-26-2010

Yo mamma's so fat that she jumped up in the air and got stuck.

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - Teck1337 - 10-26-2010

Yo mamma so fat... I took a picture of her last X-mas and it still printing.

Yo mamma so old... That when she was in school, there was no history class.

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo - 10-26-2010

so old...
Her SSN is 1
her first job was as Cain and Abel's baby-sitter
captain caveman is your brother

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - US_Tank - 10-26-2010

Yo Mamma is so fat that whenever it rains she puts on a yellow raincoat and goes up the hill where everyone thinks she is the sun.

RE: Yo mamma jokes.... - The Diamond Lion - 10-27-2010

Yo momma is so nasty. She's like a bowling ball: she gets picked up, fingered, thrown down the gutter, and she comes back for more.

Yo momma is so nasty that crabs use the tampon string to bungy jump.
Yo momma is so nasty: when she went to Victoria's Secret it told on her.