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Full Version: From Las Vegas Nevada....It's Churros Y Puros.....
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With your host team mac daddys Jebus and Sergio, also with guest host Daryn "The Tank LKK" ND man.

 Plus, Jimme the Italian Stalion, and Marcelo me-so-crazy-m+ cool guy dropping in to say wazzzz upp.

So now, check out.....Churros Y Puros.....IN VEGASSS SC STYLE!!!!!!  pt 1 pt 2 pt 3  pt 4  pt 5  pt 6

Big Grin
Another great show fellas!

And Tank....  a natural born guest host!   And that pronunciation of yours is not bad at all!  Cool

I LOVE that Bulls__t button....   that was great!

I am looking forward to hearing what the SC Ambassadors have in store -- sounds like a great plan!

In p. 5, love that shirt that CyP gave Tank, but I was a little nervous that he was going to show us his nub...

And Tank, awesome Churros y Puros shirt -- you seem to make a shirt for every occasion!  Big Grin

And Thanks Jimmie... I did eat my heart out...  in fact, when I was at the dentist today, I think the hygienist just about pulled it out through my mouth...  Confusedhock:

Marcelo - what a great sneak attack by showing up like that!

You guys all did a great job representing the SC Crew in Vegas!


Always posted when i'm asleep and have to wait for work to be over...
Well done gents.  It looks like you treated my town well.  As I've already stated, we get next year on the schedule as early as possible and grow this thing.  That was a great way to start my day!
Great freaking show CyP, sorry I could not pull it off this year I surely did miss out.  Tank and Jimmie glad you got to hang out with Marcelo he truely is one of a kind.  Looking forward to whats in store for 2010

[color="lime"]SHANK THE TANK!!!!![/color]

Looks like y'all had a blast...

Glad some of you guys got to meet Bob and Sondra...
I've herfed with Sondra about 4 times now and it is ALWAYS entertaining Wink
Bob is a fountain of knowledge and a great BOTL. I think he's going to get tired of all my questions one of these days Tongue...

And a mention by name from the Vegas Herf, I'm honored... Smile
Another excellent show and I had a front row seat...
I just wanted to say again that I had a TOTAL blast with you fellas, and I can't wait for the nationwide SC herf.... If we start planning now, I will have some vacation time by then, and I can make it a week of herfing at Robbies in Florida Big Grin
I miss hanging with you guys already Sad
That was made entirely of AWESOME!!! Great stuff!

It was fun and we talked about every SC member (in a good way). Like I wonder what NANP & Odsman are smoking now; think Skipper is fishing, think Mac is driving that float to Vegas.

Just an overall fun time.
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