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Full Version: Dead Pool 2019 Game Thread
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OKay, let's go...

Quote:The Rules 

No name changes can be made to your list after the cut off date.

If you do make a change to a name on your list after the entry deadline, you will be disqualified.

Post if someone on your list dies & I will mark them on your list

Names of the nominees must be spelled alphabetically correct, or 10 points will be deducted if one dies whom you spelled wrong.  [Image: tongue.gif]

If someone on your list dies before you post your list, you can't use them in your selection.

You cannot post an exact copy of another persons list. If you do, the first list posted will be valid, yours will not be.

You cannot submit names of persons on death row.

You cannot submit a nominee who is 100yrs old or older, that would be like fish in a barrel...

Killing someone on your list will result in your disqualification

In the event of a tie, the player with the youngest average age of correct predictions wins.

No members of StogieChat can be on a list.

How You Will Win
We will do this on a points system, where points are based on 100 years of age. Subtract the deceased person's age from 100 to determine the amount of points you earn.

For example, if a person is 75 when they die, subtract their age from 100 and you get 25 points.

The person with the most points collected at the end of the year wins.

Bonus Points:
25 extra points for the first nominee to die in 2019  01/25/2019

50 extra points to anyone who has two nominees die on the same day.

25 extra points if you were the only person to pick that nominee.

75 extra points to the person who has three or more nominees die on the same day.

25 extra points for any nominee to die in December of 2019.

25 extra points for any nominee to die in the last week of December of 2019 (in addition to the above 25 extra points for the month of December 2019).

25 extra points for the 1st woman  01/25/2019

25 extra points for the 1st man   02/10/2019

100 extra points if 1 of your nominees kills another of your nominees

We each send a 5'er to the winner & maybe 2 or so to the runner up

Score (As Of 9/03/2019)
Benfishin1              85.0
Domniomaestro      77.0
Jimmie the Mum    102.5
Lurch                      6.5
nayslayer                 5.0
Tonto                     96.0

Benfishin1's List
1.  Bob Barker
2.  Wilford Brimley
3.  Mel Brooks
4.  Jimmy Carter
5.  Bart Starr   RIP 5/26/2019
6.  Bill Cosby
7.  Larry Flint
8.  Valerie Harper   RIP 8/30/2019
9.  Loretta Lynn
10. Mikhail Gorbachev
11. Donald Trump
12. Tim Conway    RIP 5/14/2019
13. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
14. Olivia Newton John
15. John Madden
16. Marion Knight (Suge Knight)
17. Charlie Sheen
18. Artie Lang
19. Tommy Lasorda
20. Gene Hackman
21. Jerry Stiller
22. Ed Asner
23. Larry King
24. John Andretti
25. Jim Kelly

Domniomaestro's List
1. Nick Nolte
2.  Buzz Aldrin
3.  Bob Newhart
4.  Ned Beatty
5.  6ix9ine (real name: Daniel Hernandez)
6.  Bob Dole
7.  Hal Holbrook
8.  Bill Crosby
9.  Jerry Lee Lewis
10. Pat Sajak
11. Loretta Swit
12. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
13. Phil Donahue
14. Bob Dylan
15. Barry Manilow
16. Warren Beatty,
17. Bill Murray
18. Mel Brooks
19. Nancy Pelosi
20. Ozzy Osbourne
21. Jan-Michael Vincent  RIP 2/10/2019
22. Tony Orlando
23.  Kris Kristofferson
24.  Billy Crystal
25.  Charlie Daniels

Jimmie the Mum's List
1.  Betty White
2.  Bob Dole
3.  Doris Day   RIP 5/13/2019
4.  Jimmy Carter
5.  Sean Connery
6.  Mel Brooks
7.  Tommy Lasorda
8.  Woody Allen
9.  Bob Barker
10. Robert Gabriel Mugabe
11. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
12. Regis Philbin
13. Sydney Poitier
14. Henry Kissinger
15. Leah Bracknell
16. Ayman al-Zawahiri
17. Clint Eastwood
18. Rafael Caro Quintero
19. Elizabeth II (Queen)
20. Fatima Ali   RIP 1/25/2019
21. Bob Hawke
22. Tom Brokaw
23. Johnny Clegg
24. Valerie Harper   RIP 8/30/2019
25. Mikhail Gorachev

Lurch's List
1.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg
2.  John Astin
3.  Dick Van Dyke
4.  Johnny Depp
5.  Heather Locklear
6.  Robert Mugabe
7.  Harry Belafonte
8.  Bobby Lewis
9.  Tony Bennet
10. Prince Philip
11. Bob Barker
12. Jackie Stallone
13. Jimmy Carter
14. Bob Dole
15. Norman Lear
16. John Madden
17. Henry Kissinger
18. Valerie Harper   RIP 8/30/2019
19. Doris Day    RIP 5/13/2019
19. Pierre Cardin
20. Javier Perez de Cuellar
21. Alan Greenspan
22. Leah Bracknell
23. Hugh Downs
24. Carl Reiner
25. Yoko Ono

nayslayer's List
1.  Betty White
2.  Beverly Clearly
3.  Robert Deniro
4.  Louis Farrakhan
5.  Mick Jagger
6.  Artie Lang
7.  Jimmy Carter
8.  Michael Moore
9.  Bob Barker
10. Valerie Harper   RIP 8/30/2019
11. Eric Clapton
12. Bill Cosby
13. Charlie Sheen
14. Ozzy Osbourne
15. Bill Clinton
16. Boy George
17. Wilford Brimley
18. Regis Philbin
19. Bobby Brown
20. Paul McCartney
21. Cher
22. Lamar Odom
23. Marion Ross
24. Ruth Ginsberg
25. John Madden

Tonto's List
1.  Carl Reiner
2.  Hugh Downs
3.  Larry Storch
4.  Henry Kissinger
5.  Michael Moore
6.  Clint Eastwood
7.  Harry Reid
8.  Bill Clinton
9.  Fatima Ali (Top Chef)   RIP 1/25/2019
10. Jimmy Carter
11. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
12. Gene Hackman
13. Tony Bennett
14. Terry Jones
15. James Earl Jones
16. Ed Asner
17. Olivia Newton-John
18. Bob Barker
19. Dorris Day
20. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
21. Nichelle Nicoles                                 
22. Queen Elizabeth II
23. Barbara Walters
24. Janet Napoitano
25. Hillary Clinton

Some interesting picks on all of the lists.  Many I didn't think of.
Is Ruth sick or something? Ha Big showing this year
It makes me really sad to post this one. Sad 

Only 29 Sad 
January 25, 2019

Quote:'Top Chef' winner Fatima Ali dead at 29

“Top Chef” winner Fatima Ali died of cancer Friday after battling the disease twice. She was 29.

The competition-winning chef, who had been very vocal about her dwindling health on Instagram, succumbed to Ewing’s sarcoma, her family confirmed to Bravo.

“We are deeply saddened to share the news that Fatima Ali has lost her courageous battle with cancer,” the network told Page Six in a statement on Friday. “Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this time. People not only fell in love with her cooking but fell in love with her personality and heart. We hope that the beautiful memories shared with her will provide comfort to everyone who knew and loved her.”

Last week, her fellow Bravo contestants reunited to support her.

“Hard to explain the bonds that happen during our time together,” castmate Claudette Wilkins wrote at the time. “I wish they [sic] under better circumstances that we were together but when one hurts we all hurt and we rally. @cheffati is loved beyond belief and we will be here for her and each other.”

Earlier this month, the 2017 contestant on the cooking competition took to Instagram herself, explaining that she was “getting sicker.”

“I know it’s been ages since I posted and most may have figured out why. I’m sick and unfortunately I’m getting sicker,” Ali wrote. “Right now all I need are prayers; prayers that are simple. I hope, because a wish is putting on too much responsibility on the other, that you will somehow find forgiveness in your big heart for whenever I must have hurt you. I thank you a million times over for when you have given me joy. I’ll try to keep everyone updated the best that I possibly can.”

She initially wrote a heartfelt essay for Bon Appetit in the fall explaining that her cancer had returned after fighting it off.

So sad. Sad

My kids (& then) I first saw her on the show.  She had something about her that made her standout ahead of the rest.  You knew she was a special person.

RIP  “Top Chef”
I had her on my list, so did Jimmie.
There are bonus points.  Never figured that in.  I think they should be shared and any in the future.  Thoughts?

Some choices you know had a long life, some choices are that you just wish they would.  And then, there are the choices that you know will, but wish they weren't. 

She was one of those choices were you wished she wouldn't even be on the list & if she was, that she would fight it off again, like in the past.
For Jimmie & my pick of Fatima Ali

100 - 29 = 71 points

Bonus points: 25 + 25  (1st person, 1st female)   Sharing the bonus points = 25 points each

So 71+25= 96 total points

(Guys, please check my scoring on this)

Updated Score 
Benfishin1               0
Domniomaestro       0
Jimmie the Mum     96
Lurch                      0
nayslayer                0
Tonto                    96
Looks good Jan, I agree with sharing the bonus points as well.
I still have my money on Ben..
If you feel that bad, you can give me the points. I have no shame
So who else watched the show?

Quote:Peter Tork of The Monkees dead at 77

Peter Tork, keyboardist and bass guitarist of ‘60s pop group The Monkees, has died Thursday. He was 77.
His death was confirmed by his sister Anne Thorkelson, The Washington Post reported. In 1999 Tork had been diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma, a rare cancer affecting his tongue.

“It is with beyond-heavy and broken hearts that we share the devastating news that our friend, mentor, teacher, and amazing soul, Peter Tork, has passed from this world,” the musician’s Facebook page posted.

“As we have mentioned in the past, the PTFB team is made up of Peter’s friends, family and colleagues – we ask for your kindness and understanding in allowing us to grieve this huge loss privately. This page will remain open for your use in sharing your thoughts with your fellow fans and hopefully helping you through your own grieving journey, however, the team will not be available for some time as we start to mend our own hearts and calm our minds.”

“We want to thank each and every one of you for your love, dedication and support of our ‘boss,’” the statement continued. “Having you in our world has meant so very much to all of us. Please know that Peter was extremely appreciative of you, his Torkees, and one of his deepest joys was to be out in front of you, playing his music, and seeing you enjoy what he had to share. We send blessings and thoughts of comfort to you all, with much gratitude.”

Tork was born Peter Halsten Thorkelson in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 13, 1942. His mother was a homemaker, and his father – an Army officer who served in the military government in Berlin after World War II – was an economics professor.

As part of the teeny-bopper sensation, Tork performed as the self-described “dummy” of the group and drew inspiration for his persona from his time working as a folk musician in New York City’s Greenwich Village. (AP)

Reps for Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith, remaining members of The Monkees, did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. Davy Jones passed away in 2012 at age 66.

“The Monkees” was initially a made-for-TV-band that became a worldwide phenomenon after its two-year run (1966-1968). The NBC series told the hilarious misadventures of a struggling rock band, described as a “manufactured version of the Beatles,” where Tork was its lovable Ringo. The series was created by producers Bob Radelson and Bert Schneider to mimic the success of “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help!” the musical comedies about the Beatles by director Richard Lester, according to The Washington Post.

As part of the teeny-bopper sensation, Tork performed as the self-described “dummy” of the group and drew inspiration for his persona from his time working as a folk musician in New York City’s Greenwich Village. But off-screen, Tork embraced the Summer of Love movement and proudly wore “love beads” and declared that “nonverbal, extrasensory communication is at hand” and that “dogmatism is leaving the scene.”

“This is not a band,” Tork told Britain’s Telegraph in 2016. “It’s an entertainment operation whose function is Monkee music. It took me a while to get to grips with that but what great music it turned out to be!” (ap)

Tork, who was The Monkees’ oldest member at age 24 in 1966, also sung lead vocals on tracks, such as “Your Auntie Grizelda” and “Long Title: Do I have to Do This All Over Again,” which he wrote for the band’s 1968 psychedelic film “Head.”

While “The Monkees” ran for only two seasons, it won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy and resulted in massive record sales, highly sought-after merchandising and world tours known as Monkeemania. According to one report by The Washington Post, The Monkees sold 35 million albums in 1967 — “twice as many as the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined.”

The Monkees also played to sold-out stadium crowds and were backed by opening acts, such as guitarist Jimi Hendrix during one brief moment. However, Tork reportedly clashed with his bandmates as his musical ambitions grew. He left the group soon after the release of “Head.”

The Washington Post noted that for much of the 1970s, Tork struggled on his own as an artist. While he formed a band called Release, it proved to be unsuccessful. He was also imprisoned for several months in 1972 after being caught with “$3 worth of hashish in my pocket.” He also worked as a high school teacher and a “singing waiter.” Tork previously told UK’s Daily Mail he also struggled with alcoholism before getting clean in the early 1980s.

With the help of reruns and album reissues, a growing interest in the Monkees ultimately compelled Tork to embrace the music group. He would go on to join them for major reunion tours about once each decade, beginning in the mid-‘80s. He also performed as a solo artist. His 1994 album “Stranger Things Have Happened” was well-received.

“This is not a band,” Tork told Britain’s Telegraph in 2016. “It’s an entertainment operation whose function is Monkee music. It took me a while to get to grips with that but what great music it turned out to be! And what a wild and wonderful trip it has taken us!”

Tork is survived by his wife Pamela Grapes, a daughter named Hallie from his second marriage, a son named Ivan from his third marriage, a daughter named Erica from a relationship with Tammy Sustek, as well as a brother and sister.

RIP   Sad

(He wasn't on anyone's list.)
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