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Full Version: Dead Pool 2019 Game Thread
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(12-28-2019, 08:49 AM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: [ -> ]That one was shocking.

Yeah.  I knew he was injured when he fell back in 2014.  I wonder if that was a contributing factor in his death.  No cause was given.
I used to listen to him way back when I was going to college.  I even called in & spoke to him once.
Time is running out. Looks like Jimmie will win. Less than 6 hours to go.
I need a lot of bad things to happen for me to win
Congratulations Jimmie!
Congrats Jimmie!
If anyone is interested in playing for 2020, sign up here:
Congrats on the win Mum!
Jimmie, I'll try to get the cigars out to you this week. 
I have to search for your new addy.
This week and next will be very busy between work and prepping for a fishing trip to LOTW. I will get mine out after I get back from my trip.
Guys, Jimmie has new mailing info.  PM me for the info.
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