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Full Version: This thread needs some action
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I'm sure Da Bear might take a dump in this thread soon but perhaps some other action is necessary?
Oh boy....

I wouldn't worry about Da Bear. He's harmless.
The mum is on a roll
Let’s see who the mum destroys
Wow, it was me... slammed by the Mum!

Pics coming soon.

Jimmie is a class act and I’m so lucky to be able to call him a friend!
This was no biggie, just something I needed to get rid of.
All of these sticks are new to me, believe it or not!

Saka Firecrackers, AVO LE08, and a lovely ISOM PL
(I’m a big fan of PLPCs, so I’m excited to try this vitola!)

Oh, and Jim knows I’m a Tat whore so they arrived in a Wolfman Coffin!

Thanks so much again Jim!

Here are the pics:

[Image: 2_E8_AA68_D_91_D4_4852_BCC5_CBE4_BEFBEAD6.jpg]

[Image: 7702_BDDA_753_C_42_D0_9_F3_C_F764_CF0742_FF.jpg]
Very nice! Love that coffin.
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