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Full Version: Easter parade
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It was April, and I must confess to being ashamed that it’s taken me this long to post the amazing beatings I took when visiting NY

The Mum

All handed me a beating that was uncalled for ... and I’ll add ... will stop my visits to the US if they continue .... I mean, think about it ... we have added whisky to our repertoire these days .... not $30 whisky either .... these guys all have embraced the malt life with a fervent enthusiasm that could bankrupt us all if we continue on the current path ... either that or leave us all in a stupor.

[Image: 2ccf1151cfb36ef1bc16aa7a1b2c813d.jpg]

[Image: fbb454a7cbe697505d4c627b38d686b5.jpg]

[Image: b36efb40fc8c6c5cd5016107e3ed4ac0.jpg]

[Image: f8d1a662c5a1918c653116572be298fc.jpg]

[Image: 132fda7cebd37c9d43b8744f0079fb56.jpg]

[Image: fd73951958ce3b48d851039b1c3c3068.jpg]

[Image: 91ee4bcd7dfcff91d1fcef6da8c69f61.jpg]
This is not a bottle of Balvenie by the way ... Mario got a light made, the thing lights up from the base and is like a siren song in the bat cave every time it’s plugged in I pour a dram ?

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WOW. Crazy selection of sticks and swag. Bankrupt indeed
Damn, awesome stuff!!!
Those Melanio's are on sale at the Atlantic Club.

Gotta pull the trigger again..

Good times indeed.
Very nice indeed!

Love that light, Great idea!