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Full Version: Mums a case
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The Mum took receipt of a cigar case I’ve been searching for years to acquire on my behalf as the company shipping fees were double the cost of the case. The deal was, we could sort out shipping or I’d collect in person when I next come over to visit ... either way ... NO HITCH HICKERS.

Move forward in time a little, and Mrs P found the faucet she wanted for our kitchen remodel ... in the US .. nothing else would do, so she contacted the company only to be told they don’t ship internationally.

The Mum being the Mum, helped Mrs P out by getting the faucet shipped to the compound and then acting as Mrs P’s ambassador, he sent it on to the bat cave.

What he also did was throw the cigar case in the box, he has a better memory than me, as I’d completely forgotten about it ... what he also did was add hitchikers .....

Apparently I’m not allowed to TELL him what to do hahahaha

Thanks Mum ... as usual, you never cease to show your class.

[Image: 29dfee1cfd76a4f3c32f17f4a5bf2a70.jpg]

[Image: ff26ed10478e21540856e0cf2d36e1a5.jpg]
The Griffins Carbon Fibre .. gotta love it

And the hitchers of course ...

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Some nice hitch hikers, and faucet
Always sneaky that Mum. Great looking sticks.
Classy stuff there! Way to go Jim!
Way to go, Jimmie! Very nice!