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Full Version: Sneak attck
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[Image: IMG_20180702_161000.jpg]

Split a box of Steva Saka firecrackers and he sent the half box to me. Of course he couldn't resist. Sent along quite a few guards for them. One cigar is new to me, the others are some of my favorites. This won't go unnoticed...
Leave it to the Mum. Nice hit!
Very sneaky move by Jimmie the Ninja! Nice!
Enjoy Larry. BTW, a little over two years ago you said you wanted to try that cigar.
Took a while but you finally got your wish.
Damm, you are an elephant, thanks so much
Never doubt the Mum, Larry... Big Grin

The first one I smoked over two years ago was just ok but had potential. So much better with age..

I haven’t had the firecracker yet..
Nicely done Jim!!!!
He can’t help himself ... nice hit Mum

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