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Full Version: Guess who’s back
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The great LK smacked the Bat while we shared libations and smoked cigars during my recent visit to the US ... one of the biggest surprises was this little fella turning up again after 10 yrs of rest and relaxation at Casa Pips ... testimony to the great man for keeping the world travelled bear safe for all of this time.

I’ll post a separate thread to show the abuse I received from the LK to do it some justice.


The Bat has decided that it’s time for the bear to continue his travels now that he has been back to Gods Country.

I’ll take him for a drive this weekend and post the pics ... then I’ll send him on his way .. with a couple of hitch hikers.

Here’s the deal ...

Accept him in to your home, show him a good time, post the pics and select a BOTL/SOTL to send him on to.

Here’s the warning.

Under no circumstances will it be acceptable to return fire to me .. none whatsoever .. this is about a little fun with the bear and a little fun within SC.

[Image: 0bd3e52eff073260f723d6e93932730b.jpg]

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Great to see the bear again, he was missed...
Great idea Dave.
The Bear was born in 5/2009, was last in Scotland in 2/2011, page 6 of the link below.
Too bad Photobucket screwed us as most of the pics are gone.

The thread:
Yeah, that was great... and very cool so see him back in action!
I was wondering what happened to him.
I'm wondering where he is going... Dodgy
Is he smarter than the average bear?
The hit from the Batman may be unBEARable. Baaaa. Thank you! Try the veal!
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