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Full Version: Guess who’s back
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So where is the Bear?
Only the shadow knows............
[Image: 438f8e7c2be087dc5d6b13afa938f4c8.jpg]

It’s time

Time to step from the darkness in to the light

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[Image: 0326d9cb76c03a0813bdddb6673aba58.jpg]

The first part of the journey has to be leaving the solitude of the Batcave.

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I'm so looking forward to watching this journey.
It’s time..
This should be interesting!
I wonder where he's going.

I can't wait to see the pics!
New travels with new people

Instructions will be issued when he lands ... fingers are crossed it’s a stress free crossing ... no bad news so far so my fingers are crossed he is on the approach to landing.

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