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Full Version: Sock...Pow...Zock...(Yes, Zock)...
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Just to update.....

There you go..
I had promised Parkster a review of the bottle of Whisky.  As Dave had stated, I'm a "novice" in the world of Scotch.

Some quick notes:  I don't usually drink alone, I like to share a drink with friends, I felt that as a novice, I probably wouldn't be able to properly appreciate this fine Whisky.

Anyway, this past memorial day, I had the chance to have a herf with an old friend.  Someone I haven't seen in over a year. Someone who would & could enjoy this fine drink.  So I split the bottle with him as I knew that he would also enjoy it & the mystery of what it was. 

I hope that was okay Dave.

So here's is my review, as a novice:

First off, the color when compared to a bottle of Auchentoshan (which I had on the table at the time), was noticeably more orange in color, in fact I'd say it had more of a peach color.  It also had a sweet aroma, with a hint of smoke.  I took a sip of it with nothing added & my first thoughts were of how smooth it was, along with a higher degree of sweetness, compared to other Whiskies I've tried.  There was a very pronounced floral taste as well.  Not much of a smoke taste, a little, but less than what I was expecting based on the aroma.

I added just a drop of water, to open up the flavors.  The floral taste and the sweetness were still there, and then there was another flavor in the back.  I couldn't describe it at first, but upon another sip, I would say it was like a dried apricot, and caramel, with a hint of vanilla.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.

With the sweetness & floral notes, it did indeed pair well with a Por Larrañaga cigar.

It was thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Cool

Thank you for sharing it with me Dave & I hope it was okay with you that I shared it with someone else who would appreciate it as well.
Now after this tasting & doing a little research, I think I might have a clue as to what this Scotch was.
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